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Read Across America

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Read Across America Patch Program (Patch details: 2.75 inch patch, embroidered)
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Fun books to read (Use snowflake10 for 10% off)

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1. Read a book and tell someone about the story.

2. Participate in a holiday, event, or school activity that involves reading.

3. Read a short story or article. What was it about?

3. Visit the library and check out a book to read. Did you read a fiction on non-fiction book?

4. Read a story or book that was adapted into a movie. For fun watch the movie. Was the movie different from the book?

5. Collect books or magazines and donate them to a group or someone in need. For extra, make bookmarks to give with them.

6. Listen to a book on audiotape, OR someone telling a story, OR go to a book signing, OR complete any other task that involves books.

7. Create a book from a premade blank journal or using paper and a stapler. Write your story in a notebook. Have an adult edit the story for grammar errors. Once you have your final draft you can type or write your story on paper. Decorate the cover and pages. For fun, you can read your story to your family or friends.

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