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Saige Patch Kit--complete the Drawing badge

List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $5.00
You save: $7.00 (59%)

Items Included in the Kit: [$5.00 worth of patches]
**Art Patch
**Wildlife Patch
**Hot Air Balloon Patch
**Saige Patch
**Horse Picture Frame to decorate
1. Hot Air Balloon Picture to color and design
2. Horse Picture to decorate with a cardboard frame
3. Color Wheel
4. Color quiz to learn about colors
5. Paperdolls and Desert scene pieces
6. Art puzzles and pictures to color

ALSO INCLUDED: FREE Activities to complete the Drawing badge [badge not included]

1. Create a picture in color/ color it in black and white. Picture in kit to color in two different shades.
2. Add shading to a picture in different colors. Use the balloon template to draw different shades of colors on the balloon.
3.Example of a scene of the Mexico sky and mountains drawing is included. Draw your own scene or draw over the picture and draw other elements to the picture.
4. Redraw the Saige patch or book cover. You can also create your own logo. [Activity sheet]
5. Gather up all your drawings and show them to your friends and family.

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