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Scooby inspired- Where are you? Mystery Patch

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Patch Details: 2.50 inch/90% embroidered
Scooby Mystery Patch Program

1. Watch an animal or mystery themed movie.

2. Attend a special themed movie or mystery event.

3. Create a themed craft or activity about pets, mystery or friendship.

4. Read a story about mysteries or mysteries with animals as a side kick.

5. Create a drawing of the mystery van, characters or other items reflecting the theme.

6. Learn more about how to solve mysteries and gather clues. Example: Crack a secret code, solve a riddle, or use a magnifying glass.

7. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of the patch. Decorate cupcakes or cookies; Brightly colored cupcakes with flowers, sparkle punch, or paw print cookies.

8. Attend an escape game and learn more about solving the mystery and puzzles.

9. Create your own mystery party or virtual game with friends.

10. Learn more about fingerprints. Fingerprint yourself and compare it to others. What does the shape of your fingerprint look like? Arch, whorls, loops, etc.

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