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Scouting Through Time [3 inch patch]

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Celebrate Scouting through the decades with our unique patch depicting the special events of scouting. Don't forget to purchase the scouting through time kit that has actual recipes and crafts from leaders in those decades.


1. Juliette Low started the first scouting program for girls in the USA. When and where was this first meeting?

2. Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah, Georgia on October 31, 1860. Learn more about her childhood or adult life. For extra, earn one of the Juliette Low patches. Refer to our Juliette Low Kit for more information.

3. Activities that young girls completed in the past are different than what girls today participate in. Complete one of our activities from our patch program decade series kits such as The 40’s, Living in the 30’s or the Fabulous Fifties. What type of activity is similar to what we do today?

4. Some of the first scouting uniforms were tan, blue, and green. Learn what a uniform looked like at least 30 years ago. How is it different from what scouts where today? View them on line, in books, or refer to our kit.

5. In 1920, the Rally®, the first scouting magazine for girls was renamed American Girl®. It featured activities for girls, stories, exercise, outdoor fun, and uniforms. Review a scouting magazine from the past or complete a collage about scouting or complete one of the following vintage skills from the 1920’s. Learn what foods can be canned, create a poster of foods or toys for children 5 or younger, tell or read a story to a child, give a party or plan games for children, learn how to curtsy, help plan a holiday party with decorations and invitations, create a nature journal, design a dress and accessories, help prepare four different meal items, prepare a meal in one container like soup or chili, create a craft in one of the following mediums: natural materials, wood, paper, clay, or leather.

6. February 22, 1926 the first Thinking Day was celebrated. Girls in scouting came from around the world wearing their traditional clothing at Camp Edith Macy. Participate in Thinking Day or complete a country patch program or complete a Vintage Cultural Scouting Skill. Refer to our Vintage Cultural Skills program kit for more information

7. In the 1930’s the first boxed cookie sale was launched. Girls were learning how to cook and help their mom in the kitchen. Choose one of the following activities that is cooking related vintage skill that girls participated in the 30’s: Prepare a cultural recipe, Pack and plan your lunch for a week by following a well balanced diet, make cookies as a get well gift, make a hot cereal for breakfast, bake cake, cookies, biscuits, or bread, or learn how to measure out dry, liquid, and solid ingredients.

8. In the 1940’s, American soldiers were fighting in World War II. Families helped ration food and supplies. They created victory gardens and grew their own food. Choose one of the following vintage skill activities that were completed during this time period that relate to patriotism, assisting others or complete a community service project for soldiers: Participate in a flag ceremony, create a clean-up project in your neighborhood, learn first aid for cuts, scratches, and sunburn, make an emergency contact card, make a first aid kit, learn about first aid for animals, make a child game for someone ill in bed, grow something a seed and plant, start a garden, or make something for someone in need.

9. In the 1956, the Juliette Low Birthplace was opened as a museum and offered programs for girls to complete. Juliette low enjoyed sculpting, painting, drawing, and creating artistic items. Choose one of the following vintage skill activities that were completed during this time period that relate to art: Draw a landscape, experiment mixing colors of paint and create a picture, work with two different art mediums, design your own card or poster, create a 3D piece of art, paint a piece of pottery, make something from clay, make a birdhouse or wooden project that is useful for the home.

10. In 1960, Juliette Low’s 100th birthday was celebrated. Parties and events were hosted with cake, international games, tea parties, and parades. Choose one of the following vintage skill activities that were completed during this time period that relate to events or being a hostess: plan a cultural themed dinner, have a picnic or cookout, help prepare a meal for a pot luck or family, bake a cake and frost it, learn how to set a table, pick games to play for an outdoor event, or help prepare a party or event.

11. The 1980’s era was the beginning of video games and computers. NASA released the first space shuttle in space. Choose one of the following vintage skill activities that were completed during this time period that relate to space or computers: See a space launch on TV or in person, visit a planetarium, learning something from a computer, learn how to play a computer game, make and fly your own kite, look for constellations in the sky, or make your own aerospace model.

12. The 1990’s began with new exercise videos, equipment, music videos and TV shows . Choose one of the following vintage skill activities that were completed during this time period that relate to exercise, music, drama or theater: Participate in a sport once a week for a season, volunteer at a camp or local community activity that helps others exercise or play games, participate in a musical performance, listen to folk songs, share your musical knowledge with others, attend a play, puppet show or community play, participate in a mystery play with sound effects, design your own costume or props for a performance, create a mask to be used in a skit or story, participate in a pantomime performance, spend time choose an exercise program to participate in, such as dance, PE at school, or swimming.

13. In the year 2000 a trend of scrapbooking, electronic hand games, stress less and healthy living was changing the way of life. Most families have both parents working and child care by teens, creating jewelry, and decorating your own room was a fun activity for kids. Choose one of the following vintage skill activities that were completed during this time period that relate to hobbies or healthy living: Choose songs or read a book to help you relax, learn stretching exercises, create a healthy snack, create something for your room or home, decorate your clothing, learn to use a camera and take pictures of friends, start a collection hobby, learn how to take care of your hair or nails, learn a dance from another country, create a piece of jewelry, make your own gift wrap, or use your hobby to help others such as singing, gardening, or art.

14. Participate in an educational patch program that we offer. Decide what you want to learn more about and choose a program that resembles that activity. Examples of our programs are Juliette Low, Astronomy, Marine Life, Sweet Treats, Culinary Creations, Safari Adventure, countries, states, or community service patches.

15. Celebrate a holiday or special event in scouting. Do one of the following for or at the event: decorate a cupcake or help prepare food, complete a craft or help with decorations, have a ceremony or participate in a fashion show, play a game or create a skit.

16. Juliette Low sold her pearls to help fund the scouting program. Research a landmark or special item that was created to honor her achievements. What does it look like and where can you find it? Examples include: postage stamps, birthplace, patches, mile point of light volunteer pathway, and National Women’s hall of fame. Create a breast cancer ribbon or craft or activity about Juliette Low.

17. What activities do scouts participate in today? Complete one activity, attend an event, make a swap, eat a smore, or go on a camping trip.

18. Complete a community service to help others. Examples include: Creating blankets for those in need, sock or teddy bear donation, coat or food drive, pajamas and books, or toiletry bags for shelters.

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