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Sole Hope with Shoemaking Party Bar [2.75 inch patch]

List Price: $3.00
Our Price: $2.00
You save: $1.00 (34%)


Add a dated rocker
OR you can make a donation for shoes (award yourself with this rocker)
volunteer rocker (You are assisting in running the Shoemaking Party add this rocker to your patch)
All of our patches are embroidered. A graphic is used until a sew out is uploaded.

Hosting a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party is not only fun & easy, but it is a tangible way to give back and affect lives thousands of miles away! You can do this as family or with a group.

When hosting a shoe cutting party you need to purchase a shoe cutting party kit. Click here for the link for easy shoemaking party. Note this takes you to the Sole Hope Site.

Step 1

Decide approximately how many people you’re going to have in attendance. You can then purchase the corresponding shoe cutting kit from the sole hope website. The kit will come with an instructional DVD, pictures, shoe sponsorship cards, bookmarks, stickers, a pattern, and much more!

Step 2
When you host your you will need the following or ask your guest to bring a few things with them.

  1. Gather old jeans and good friends and the fun begins! [thrift stores or home]

  2. Fabric scissors

  3. Large Safety pins

  4. Black sharpie markers

  5. Plastic – items such as milk jugs, thin plastic folders, 2 liter soda bottles, etc.
  6. Any monetary donation to assist with shipping or the creation of shoes. 10.00 donation to sponsor a pair of shoes. (I also always make it clear that if they can’t donate the 10.00 I still want them to come, because they helping those in need. )

    Step 3
    Explain the process to them, then get to work! There are four steps to the process:

    • Tracing

    • Cutting

    • Assembling

    • Quality Control

    Step 4

    Mail Sole Hope your shoes and donations! After the party you will package everything up and mail it to:

    605 East Innes St. #3263
    Salisbury, NC 28145

    Step 5
    Purchase your patch.


    • The kit that you purchase does not dictate how many pairs of shoes you can
      make, just the amount of time and materials that you have!

    • There are different sized kits because of the number of shoe sponsorship
      cards, sticker, etc. that are included in them.

    • Parties can be done with just a few friends all the way up to 100 or more!

    • The 10.00 donations that your guests make cover the cost for Sole Hope to
      get the cut shoes to Africa and pay the seamstresses a fair wage.

    • Sole Hope is also in need of Foot Washing and Jigger Removal supplies. If
      you, or any of your guests feel led, you can gather the following items and
      send them back with the completed shoe uppers.

      • Stickers for the children

      • Large Safety Pins

      • Surgical Gloves

      • Cotton Balls

      • Medical Tape

      • Antibiotic Cream

      • Gauze

      • Band Aids

    Every single piece of fabric you cut will clothe the feet of children and will protect them from jigger infestations. It will provide jobs for Ugandans who sew the shoes. It will change their family’s life and give them pride in their skill and workmanship and provide income to care for their family.

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