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Space KIT for Brownies (Earn Space Science Adventurer)

List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $5.99
You save: $4.01 (41%)

INCLUDED IN THE KIT: ONLY $5.99 a PERSON (FREE ACTIVITY SHEETS TO EARN Space Science Adventurer BADGE) Badge not included

  1. Discovering Astronomy Patch (glow in the dark threads)

  2. STEM patch

  3. Outer space pencil

  4. Outer space card game

  5. Bookmark with a GLOW IN THE DARK constellation

  6. Planet Passport (10 colorful pages)
  7. 2 (4X6 pages) of space stickers

  8. Astronaut ID

  9. Outer space word search

  10. Create a scale display of the solar system

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