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Space KIT for Seniors (Earn Sky)

List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $6.99
You save: $3.01 (31%)

Learn more about the sky. Learn about constellations and create your own constellation on a scratch art sheet--watch the stars shine through the black paper as you create them. Color and create a planet set. learn about weather tracking around the world and what pollutes the sky.


  • Star Gazing patch (glow in the dark threads!)

  • Paper Star ship to build and fly (printed in color) Directions included

  • Star pen (color may vary)

  • Space stencil (designs vary)

  • Create your own constellation scratch art craft

  • Color & create your own planet mobile sheet

  • Design your own paper airplane sheet

  • Weather tracking around the world sheet

  • Air Pollution interview & activity sheets

  • Constellations sheets

  • +free activities to complete the badge

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