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Spread the Biscuits

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How do I get started?

1. Start with your group or buddy to help with the project.
2. Who could use some animal “bread”?

Are there animals in your neighborhood that have done something above and beyond—maybe in your eyes they are an “animal hero”?

Other Suggestions: Contact local animal shelters, animal hospitals, and pet adoption centers. Think about how many biscuits you think you and your helpers can produce so you can offer a realistic guess to the receiving organization.

3. Spread the Word!
If you just want to involve your troop or group in the bread baking and spreading, great!

Dogs, cats, and other domestic animals LOVE biscuits. However, it is preferable not to feed them the same biscuits that we love, because of the sugar factor. To maintain a healthy animal sugar and salt should be negligible as far as their in take is concerned.

4. Bakers start your ovens…

Mix up a batch of your favorite recipe or mix and start baking.

Remember that animals have different taste buds than we do. Stay away from anything sweet.

Decorate: You can use neat animal cookie cutters to make fun designs. You can also decide just how to package your special treats. Maybe you’ll use lunch bags, small boxes or some other way to deliver your message of appreciation and love. Think of these treats as very special presents. Notes, poetry and quotes are great, as are bows, gift bags, colored plastic wrap, wrapping paper, – anything that makes your biscuits look special, and will make those who receive them feel special.

5. Bake a difference

As you bake your yummy animal treats, talk about who will receive these gifts and why you think it’s important to be generous and kind to animals.

6. Collect and prepare [If you are involving your community in your project]

Choose a place to collect the biscuits. Allow time to sort through the biscuits to check their condition and appearance. You may have to discard a few.

7. Stand and Deliver. Involve your bakers and animal lovers – big and little – as much as possible in delivering the treats. It’s great for them to see where their generosity is going, and often the recipients appreciate the chance to say thanks, especially animals!!!

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