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Spread the Bread

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Spread the Bread encourages people to bake or buy a favorite bread or muffins and give it to someone who will appreciate it.

Complete this project more than once and add a segment next to the patch.
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1. Start with your group or family to help with the project.

2. Determine who you would like to give the bread to. Suggestions: Contact nursing homes, assisted living, Meals-on-Wheels, shelters, hospitals and food pantries. Also, we can’t forget our heroes: the police, firefighters, veterans, and soldiers. A nice batch of bread or baked goods can give anyone a morale boost.
If you are shipping them to the soldiers, banana breads and fruit breads stay fresh the longer. If you are participating in Thinking Day you can purchase or create bread representing your country and share it or donate it to others.

  • Challah and Matzo -Jewish

  • Nan-India

  • Soda bread-Ireland

  • Pita-Greece

  • Tortillas- Mexico

  • Pumpernickel/soft pretzel-Germany

  • Focaccia- Italy

  • Fry Bread- Native American

  • Honey Bread-Ethiopia

  • Julbrod- Sweden

  • Baguette-France

  • Research your country and see what bread is made there.
  • 3. Spread the Word! If you just want to involve your troop or group in the bread baking and spreading, great!

    Otherwise, you can ask other groups or friends to help or to promote your project. Make sure you let them know WHEN and WHERE you need the bread dropped off.

    ANY kind of bread is fine: quick bread, bread machine, yeast bread, bread from a mix, holiday bread, muffins, bread from other cultures, everyday bread… ANY KIND!

    4. Bakers start your ovens… Mix up a batch of your favorite recipe or or boxed mixture and start baking.

    Package your bread for Delivery: Ask your group to think of the bread as very special presents that are going to be given to people who will appreciate it.

    When you wrap your loaves of bread add a special note, quote, bow, gift bag, colored plastic wrap, wrapping paper, paper doilies – anything that makes them look special will make those who receive them feel special.

    5. Collect and prepare [If you are involving your community in your project]

    7. Deliver your bread. Involve as many people that helped out to assist in the delivering.

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