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Stamp Ministry 2019-2020

List Price: $2.00
Our Price: $0.99
You save: $1.01 (51%)

Size: [2 1/2 inches tall X 1 1/2 inches wide] laser cut patch

Save your stamps to earn this patch. Save 8 stamps and you earn this patch.

1. Earning the Patch: If you are working on the postage stamp project as an individual then you will need to collect 10 stamps to earn the postage stamp patch. Average groups of 8 would need to collect 100 stamps, or 8 each.

Ask parents or companies to collect the stamps for you at local businesses. Then you can sort and trim them at home.

Some basic steps to follow:

2. Saving the stamps: Please leave a border around the stamp of the background paper it was placed on. About 1/3” making sure all corner fringe and borders are not clipped.

3.Metered Stamps: No metered mail stamps are accepted, only actual stamps.

4. Stamps: All designs are accepted especially Limited Edition, Christmas, Love, and Foreign stamps.

5. Stamps on colored envelopes:Throw away all stamps on deep colored paper, such as red, black, or green envelopes. The dye of the envelope seeps into the stamp image.

6. Damaged Stamps: We cannot accept torn or damaged stamps.

7. Organizing Stamps: Please do not use rubber bands, paper clips or staples to send stamps. Simply place the stamps in an envelope or Ziploc bag for delivery. If you would like to sort your stamps ahead of time, please place the commemorative stamps in one bag, regular issue in a different bag, and foreign stamps in a third bag.

8. Special Cancellations on Stamps:Some collect stamps according to the cancellation design. The Dr Seuss stamp has a special cancellation design and is a unique stamp. Each stamp does not have to have a special cancellation. Save the cancellation on the stamp when you take it off the envelope. [Example: First day issue, Dr Suess Day, etc.]

9. FOREIGN STAMPS: IIf you are collecting foreign stamps, please do not trim the stamps. The stamps are worth more with the cancellation still attached to the stamp.

10. Submitting Stamps:

Your stamps should be sent directly to:
Downey Memorial Church (Missionary Alliance church)
10201 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32817

They make sure that the stamps are given directly to the personnel that trim, sort, and bag the stamps for the mission project. They also goes through the stamps again, deleting all the torn or damaged stamps.

Please mail ONLY your stamps to the below address:

Please hold on to your stamps until further notice.

[use this address to mail your stamps not to order your patch.]

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