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State Kit Bundle #5 (Arizona, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska)

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Get our state kits for a low price of $8.00! Included is: Arizona, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska

List of some of the items in kit:

USA map and state flags to color
State Outline and Symbols
Recipes, crafts, and games
Color your horse from the name of the horse and color description
Colonial and Native American paperdolls and information sheets
Color the paperdolls of the cowboy and cowgirl [descriptions of clothing included]
Match the famous person to their accomplishment
There is one location in the United States where you can stand in four states {color the picture}
Match the animal to the item [sheep to wool] Arizona has the only bridge built just for sheep.
Ranching picture to complete [information about ranching included]
Color the pictures of the stagecoach, telegraph and railroad [information included]
Hollywood Walk of Fame [Decorate a star with your name and one of the symbols]
Outdoor Scavengar hunt
Irish paperdoll to celebrate the Celtic Festival
The Forty-Niners Game board and cards
Native American Crafts
Ocean Animals to color and learn more about
Pioneer paperdolls and information
The Covered Wagon picture and information
Sacagawea Timeline
The Oregon Trail Game board and cards
Which animals use camouflage to survive in arctic? {learn more}
How much does it cost to lead a your own dog sled race [add up the totals for the equipment]
Create a picture of the the Northern Lights and yourself
Alaska's Topography crossword
Write a letter to santa claus [address included]
Draw your own totem pole
Learn some Eskimo or Inuit language
Alaskan Hopsotch
How to make a yarn lei and a flower lei
Hawaiian games, recipes, crafts [including water games]
Hawaiian Fun Word Search and crossword
Surfboard Bookmark
Fish to Decorate

Create a book about Hawaii using a file folder [6 different mini books] Book topics include: Hawaiian Islands and information about each island, Hawaiian Culture, Luau and Hula Information,
Animals, Sports, Volcano and Hawaiian Words.

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