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Creating Stockings for Children-NEW FOR 2023!

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Fill stockings for children in need. Children's Pediatric unit at hospitals, financial need, victims of natural disasters, etc. Contact your local hospital, Salvation Army, organization or church to see if you can donate to them.

Contact your local Salvation Army as they usually provide the stocking and all you have to do is stuff the stocking.

When filling your stockings, we ask you follow these guidelines:
• No perishable foods or chocolate candies
• No razors or other sharp objects
• Mark the header with a specific age range and gender and staple to top of stocking
• For children under 3, items must be marked age appropriate (For example, a stuffed animal can not have a tag 3+)

[Infant - 1 yr] BOY OR GIRL

  1. Sleeper, socks, bibs, t-shirts, travel-size shampoo, lotion, rattles, stuffed animals, soft books
  2. 2 - 3 years old [BOY]
    Trucks, blocks, books, toothbrush, flash cards, comb, brush, socks

    2 - 3 years old [GIRL]

  3. Dolls, blocks, books, toothbrush, toothpaste, flash cards, comb, brush, socks, barrettes
  4. 4-5 years old [BOY]

  5. Toy cars, coloring book, crayons, markers, cooks, comb, brush, gloves, socks, games, small action figures
  6. 4-5 years old [GIRL]

  7. Dolls, dishes, coloring books, crayons, markers, books, comb, brush, gloves, socks, games
  8. 6-8 years old [BOY]

  9. Action figures, cars, stufffed animal, travel size game, books coloring books, ear muffs, gloves, markers
  10. 6-8 years old [GIRL]

  11. Dolls, stuffed animals, travel-size games, books, coloring books, earmuffs, gloves, markers
  12. 9-12 years old [BOY]

  13. Electronic games, balls, key chains, books, pens, pencils, caps
  14. 9-12 years old [GIRL]

  15. Stuffed animals, diary, books, nail polish, make up, hair accessories

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