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Summer Camp

List Price: $1.75
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Patch Details: [2.75 inch patch] 90% embroidered

You earned this patch if you attended summer camp. [complete one requirement]
Add a year rocker to mark the year you completed it.

1. Learn about the buddy system or make a new friend.
2. Complete an arts and crafts project.
3. Practice sun safety by hydrating and using sun screen.
4. Create a swap or receive one.
5. Earn a badge, certificate, or patch.
6. Decorate a bandana, banner, t-shirt, or any item at camp.
7. Learn a new song or play an instrument.
8. Learn a new skill or complete a full activity.
9. Complete an adventurous activity like swimming, horseback riding, archery, canoeing etc.
10. Complete a camping skill like hiking, cooking, tent pitching, rope knots, etc.
11. Create a requirement of your own to complete.
12. Attend a summer camp.

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