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Super Troop Patch

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Your group will be proud to be a member of a Super Troop! Keep track of activities you complete such as cooking, arts and crafts, and music events and earn this patch.

GOLD AND SILVER METALLIC lettering and stars

Super Troop year bar 2021-22

Super Troop year bar 2022-23

Super Troop Worksheet

Super Troop Certificate

You have probably already earned this patch.
All levels need to only complete 3 requirements

1. Complete an outdoor activity. Such as a cookout, hiking, camping, star gazing, geology, discover plants, animals, erosion, or take a swim.

2. Complete an artistic activity. Such as drawing, painting, pottery, quilting, embroidery, sculpting, sewing, ceramics, make jewelry or scrapbook.

3. Complete a musical activity. Such as singing a song, playing an instrument, write a song, watch a musical, learn about musical jobs or listen to a variety of songs or music.

4. Complete a cooking activity. Such as cookies, setting the table, tea party, fun drinks, create a menu, visit a restaurant, or enjoy food from around the world.

5. Complete a cultural activity. Such as learning about another country or a world center, a new language, write to a pen pal, a cultural skit, play or song.

6. Complete a science activity. Such as an experiment, building a bridge, astronomy, weather, computers, math, geology, or life science.

7. Complete a sports activity. Such as swimming, soccer, basketball, kick ball, learning about sports equipment, safety, or read a book or watch a book about sports.

8. Complete a community service project. Such as donate food, clothing, make cards, locate a pen pal from a different country, donate cookies, or give back to the earth.

9. Learn about historical stories or people from the past. Orville and Wilbur Wright, Lewis and Clark, your heritage, ancient legends or folklore story.

10. Complete a seasonal activity. Such as attending a Winter ball, sledding, make ornaments; visit a pumpkin patch, go on a hayride, make a fall craft; attend spring fling or egg hunt, pick flowers, garden; go swimming, take an end of year trip or roller skate.

11. Complete an activity with or about animals. Such as horseback riding, walking or bathing a dog, cleaning a pets area, visiting an animal shelter or veterinarian.

12. Complete a goal. Such as deciding as a group what activities to complete and then completing one of them, finishing a book or race, getting good grades or going to a recital.

13. Complete a group activity. Such as potluck, holiday event, field trip, money earning event or ceremony.

14. Complete a patriotic activity. Such as a flag ceremony, folding a flag, singing a song, attending a patriotic event or visiting a landmark within your country.

15. Learn a new skill. This should be something you have never completed or learned about before

Do we have to earn this patch separate from other things that we have completed in our troop?
› This is where double dipping counts!! As you complete a program, project, field trip, scouting badges, and more, it covers one of the requirements in this program.
› This patch program is just a guide for items to complete or have completed for the year. We must all admit that if we follow the guide below that we are creating well rounded troops by offering them a variety of activities to complete. Therefore that makes you a super leader and super troop by giving them the opportunity to grow.

Where do I begin, and what counts?
› Examples:
1) Complete an outdoor activity (check this off if you have did anything outdoors such as: camping, hiking, nature stroll, bird watching etc)
2) Complete an artistic activity. (Any art project such as: drawing, painting, visit an art gallery, making cards, scrapbooking, etc)
3) Complete a musical activity. (Sing carols, nutcracker, make instruments)
4) Complete a cooking activity. (Make a gingerbread house (using a kit or prefaced materials are okay) visit a restaurant, create a snack or trail mix or enjoy food from around the world.
5) Complete a cultural activity (Thinking Day counts, learning about the country or completing one of our patch programs)

CLICK ON MORE INFO FOR WORKSHEET to assist you in keeping track of the requirements you completed.

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