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2019 Thinking Day(ordering over 500)

List Price: $2.00
Our Price: $1.00
You save: $1.00 (50%)

Patch Details: 3 inch patch, 85% embroidered
[Click here to UNDER 100 pieces $1.50]
[Click here to order over 100 pieces $1.35]
[Click here to order over 300 pieces $1.20]

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  • Bundle Of the Thinking Day patch, bracelet kit, passport, and Swapping patch
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  • Bundle of Thinking Day patch, swapping, passport, and bracelet
  • Laser Cut Country Girls dressed in traditional clothing.
  • Country books researched for youThey have games, festivals, recipes, costume ideas, and much more.
  • Earn a patch for the country you representedat Thinking day.
  • AQUA Thinking Day lanyard WITHOUTclear pocket
  • AQUA Thinking Day lanyard INCLUDES a clear pocket
  • Rubber Stamps and ink pads for Passports
  • Swapping book with ideas for countries and special events.
  • Thinking Day kit (How to create your own Thinking Day)
  • Travel The World (red suitcase)
  • Travel the World (green suitcase)
  • Travel the World (Blue suitcase)

  • This patch is already discounted so you are unable to use an additional promo code on this purchase. If for some reason the code works the pricing will be adjusted in the office. All other items not on sale will be still receive the promo code offer.

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