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Troop 0 and EARN the Space Science Investigator BADGE

List Price: $75.00
Our Price: $49.99
You save: $25.01 (34%)

INCLUDED IN THE KIT: ONLY $5 a PERSON (FREE ACTIVITY SHEETS TO EARN Space Science Investigator BADGE) Badge not included

Purchase the space kit separately herePurchase the space kit separately here

  1. (10)Troop-0 patches

  2. (10) Rolls of Smarties candy

  3. (10) STEM Patches

  4. (10)Outer space pencil and eraser

  5. (3) Outer space card games

  7. Complete your own space log as you complete tasks

  8. Lace up a constellation (with glow in the dark laces)

  9. Three different space stickers
  10. Cog shaped foam shape to use for a picture frame or decoration

  11. Glow in dark/glittery beads, tag, and safety pin for a SWAP

  12. Outer space word search

  13. Design a Mars Rover and a simulator activity sheets

  14. Testing quiz for Space Missions

  15. Create a scale display of the solar system

  16. Find your age on other planets and Discover the Stars activity sheets

Requirements covered:
#1 Make a model using drawings on paper. (planets are drawn to scale, color and place them in order)
#2 Find your age on other planets.
#3 Make a 3–D constellation
#4 Make a Mars rover ( Design your own MARS rover using the template provided)
#5 Have a movie party and make a SWAP with sparkle and glow in dark beads.

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