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Vintage Artistic Scouting Skills [3 inch patch]

Our Price: $1.50

You do not have to learn all the skills to earn this patch. It simply represents the skills you can learn.
Choose three items to complete. You can choose to complete three items in one catergory OR three in a variety of categories.

Art of Pottery and Sculpture [pot]:
1. Use air dry or baking clay to create something.
2. Make a bowl or cup using the clay coil method, rolling out long strings of clay and forming it into an object.
3. Visit a location where you can make or paint your own pottery.
4. Visit a museum or exhibit that has a variety of pottery or sculptures on display.

Art of Painting [palette and brush]:
1. Paint a picture of your favorite story, song, poem, something you like to do, or one of your friends.
2. Work with two different materials to draw or paint, such as: charcoal, crayon, finger paint, pencil, poster paint, watercolor, marker, acrylic paint, pen, or ink.
3. Experiment in mixing colors with water colors or other paints OR create a color wheel.
4. Visit a museum where paintings and/or drawings are displayed.

Color Design [flower]:
1. Create a 3D art piece. Examples include: clay, paper-mache, mosaic, soft wood, or wire.
2. Make a collage, mobile, puppet, or sculpture.
3. Make a piece of jewelry.
4. Create a scrapbook or a work of art with photos.

Musical [Music Notes]:
1. Play or sing a piece of music.
2. Make an instrument.
3. Write an original tune OR learn about different music genres.
4. Attend a musical event..

Sewing [thread/needle]:
1. Learn a new stitch: blanket stitch, chain stitch, French knot, or satin stitch, to name a few.
2. Complete a simple sewing project. Examples include, sewing on a button or a patch, making a pillow or a small purse.
3. Learn about different types of fabric and which ones are best for certain clothing.
4. Learn how to thread a sewing machine.

Resourceful Design [flower]:
1. Make a rubbing with leaves, ferns, bark or something that you find interesting--something "raised" or engraved.
2. Cut a design in an eraser, potato, or something semi-soft and print this design on paper with ink or paint.
3. Collect things to make an interesting art project, such as: bottle caps, postage stamps, buttons, sequins, sea shells, ribbon, etc.
4. Design your own gift wrapping paper for birthdays or holidays.

Design Art of Sewing [thread/needle, shirt]:
.1.Collect clothing or Halloween costumes for the less fortunate. Sew or patch any rips, snags, or loose buttons.
2. Look at a book or magazine for inspiration on designing your own outfit. Sketch out the outfit or piece of clothing.
3. Take a piece of your clothing or t-shirt and re-design it. Use trims, material, iron-ons, dye, or other items.
4. Participate in a fashion show wearing an item or accessory you have sewn OR learn different fashion styles.

Art of Musical Performances [Music Notes]:
1. Sing a song from the United States or see or perform one for a holiday.
2. Make up actions to go with a song or a game using music.
3. Act in a musical play or help with the performance.
4. Do a skit with a song or attend a performance.

Art of Woodwork [house]:
1. Make a toy, bird house, doll or any other item using wood.
2. Decorate a wooden box , frame, or any other wooden item. Decoration examples: sea shell, paint, paper decoupage, or charms.
3. Make up your own game using wood pieces or play a game with a wooden board or game pieces.
4. A handsaw, hammer and screwdriver are sometimes used to create a carpentry project. Choose two carpentry tools and learn what they look like or what they are used for.

Weaving [woven cloth]:
1. Weave something with paper or fabric.
2. Find examples, collect pictures, or make sketches of different kinds of weaving or baskets around the world.
3. Watch or learn how to weave on a loom.
4. Name different types of materials that have been woven.

Writing [flower]:
1. Write a poem.
2. Choose your favorite story and turn it into a play, puppet show, or skit.
3. Write a story or short play about your favorite place.
4. Write down your ideas, dreams, stories or poems in a journal.

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