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Vintage Cultural Scouting Skills [3 inch patch]

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You do not have to learn all the skills to earn this patch. It simply represents the skills you can learn.

Choose three items to complete. You can choose to complete three items in one catergory OR three in a variety of categories.

Exploring Books[book, scroll]:
1. Browse through books for landmarks, clothing, festivals, from other countries.
2. Choose a book to read to explore other lands. Some examples include: adventure, biography, history, activities (games, crafts, recipes), fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, storybook, love, mystery, poetry, science fiction, short stories, or about different cultures/countries.
3. Participate in a book drive.
4. Make book marks with cultural flags, images, or animals or decorate your books with paper covers.

Cultural Dance [dancer, macarenas]:
1. Learn to dance an international dance or watch one.
2. Make up actions or dance moves to music you like or to a cultural story.
3. Make a costume for your dance.
4. Learn a cultural singing game/dance.

Exploring Cultures [magic carpet, dancer]:
1. Act out a play or puppet show based on a cultural story.
2. Find out about a culture other than your own. Such as clothing, dances, or festivals.
3. Tell or act out a skit from another country.
4. Learn an international song or learn or see a dance from another country.

Native American Culture [book, magic carpet]:
1. Visit an Native American exhibit in a museum or attend a ceremony or event.
2. Make a model or draw or color the traditional Native American houses.
3. Learn how to play an Native American game or song or a dance or watch one.
4. Read an Native American legend or write pictographs

Traveling Magic Carpet [magic carpet, book]:
1. Learn about clothing from other countries. Create an accessory or try on clothing from another country.
2. Draw a scene or your favorite character in a book from another land.
3. Pretend you are traveling to another land. Make a passport with different countries or participate in Thinking Day.
4. Complete a community Service project that helps people in diverse communities.

Cultural Studies [book, scroll]:
.1.. Write to a pen pal.
2. Choose to a country to study. Learn two things about that country such as the traditional clothing, games, animals, maps, and language.
3. Create a recipe that represents a country you do not live in.
4. Celebrate a festival or complete a craft from a different country.

Country Knowledge [globe, magic carpet]:
1. Learn and sing one song from another country.
2. Learn how to say "hello" and "goodbye" and count up to ten in another language.
3. Find out about organizations that help around the world.
4. Learn about children in different countries. Examples include: food, clothing, animals, plants, schools, homes, and language

Cultural Games [macarenas, jump rope]:
1. Write a story about a place that you have been to or revise a story from another country.
2. Research stories from other countries. Choose one to read.
3. Watch or listen to a storyteller.
4. Act out a story or legend from another country.

Cultural Storytelling [book,scroll]:
1. Find a game from a different country and play it.
2. Lead and/or participate in a skill game from another country. Examples of skills include: Swimming, memory, hand-eye coordination, or jumping rope.
3. Make up your own game or toy and share it with others.
4. Play two different kinds of games from different cultures such as: action, board game, animal game, or ta

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