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Vintage Life Scouting Skills

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You do not have to learn all the skills to earn this patch. It simply represents the skills you can learn.

Choose three items to complete. You can choose to complete three items in one catergory OR three in a variety of categories.

Cooking [apron]:
1. Learn how to measure out dry, liquid, and solid ingredients.
2. Prepare a cultural recipe.
3. Bake muffins, cupcakes, cake, cookies, biscuits, or bread.
4. Learn how to cook or prepare either: a side dish, salad, dessert, entrée, breakfast item, snack, or a special drink.

First Aid [first aid kit]:
1. Make a emergency contact card with a list of numbers for the doctor, ambulance, police, fire department, poison control, and other emergency calls.
2. Learn about first aid for broken arm, small cuts, blisters, scratches, splinters.
3. Help assemble a first aid kit for your family or group.
4. Practice what to do if someone catches on fire.

Hostess [tea cup]:
1. Learn table or tea manners. Set a table.
2. Prepare a menu for a dinner for your family. Write a shopping list. Help with shopping, cooking, and clean up. |
3. Help plan entertainment, refreshments, and send invitations for a tea or birthday party.
4. Plan a cultural theme dinner or event. Present food, games, decorations and wear clothing representing that culture.

Care of the Home [keys]:
1. Create a chore list with your parents for the week. Examples: clean your room, dust, vacuum, feed pet, or sweep.
2. Learn how to sort your clothes and how they should be washed.
3. Organize your closet, drawers, and belongings so they can be found easily.
4. Help your parents make a list of groceries to purchase for meals. Go to the store with them to shops.

Your Community [flowers]:
1. Learn when your state officially became a member of the United States. Draw or color or learn about your flag, flower, and bird for your state.
2. Take part in a service project that would help your community.
3. Pretend a visitor is coming to your neighborhood. What are some sites they could see?
4. Visit a public, fun place in your area.

Helpful Hands [hammer]:
1. Make something useful for your home. Learn how to use the tools before you start the project. Examples include: key rack, recipe cards, pot holder, "warning" signs, dirty/clean sign for your dishwasher, etc.
2. Walk through your house and find things that need minor repairs. With the help of an adult, fix the items.
3. Participate in a community service activity or help your family organize things in your house.
4. Care for house plants or pets.

Nutrition [food]:
1. Keep a chart for two weeks of what you eat and drink all day. Check it and make sure you are eating the right foods.
2. What is the Food Pyramid®? Pack and plan your lunch for a week by following a well balanced diet.
3. Take a tour in a grocery store, produce market, bakery, farm, restaurant. Find out about the foods that sold there.
4. Make a collage of foods that you enjoy eating. Which ones are healthy and good for you?

Healthy Body [orange person]:
1. Participate in a sport once a week.
2. Practice good posture when walking and sitting in a chair.
3. Choose an exercise program to participate in. Examples: Dance, PE at school, walking after dinner, or swimming.
4. Volunteer at a camp or local community activity that helps others exercise or play games.

Healthy Grooming Skills [brush/comb]:
1. Learn about the care of your hair. Examples are: how often you should shampoo, use of conditioner, gels and other hair products.
2. Learn about different hair styles and accessories for your hair. For extra, have a hair style party and do each others hair. Make sure everyone brings their own brushes, combs and accessories.
3. Learn about skin care. Create homemade masks, lip gloss, or other healthy products for your skin.
4. Learn how to keep your nails and hands clean. For extra, paint your nails or get a manicure/pedicure.

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