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Vintage Outdoor Scouting Skills [3 inch patch]

Our Price: $1.50

You do not have to learn all the skills to earn this patch. It simply represents the skills you can learn.

Choose three items to complete. You can choose to complete three items in one catergory OR three in a variety of categories.

Outdoor Fun [tree,ball]:
1. Prepare a meal, snack or drink that requires no cooking.
2. Learn about animal habitats.
3. Make a leaf print or take a picture of something that you find outdoors.
4. Play a game or sing a song by the campfire.

Hiking [knapack, footprints]:
1.Get together your own hiking kit with a cup, silverware, compass, rope, hat, and a sit-upon.
2. Learn how to tie different knots in a rope.
3. Learn how to wrap your lunch in a bandana and attach it to a stick for short walk.
4. Use a compass to follow a trail.

Outdoor Pioneer [footprints]:
1.Watch a sunset or sit in nature and listen to natures sounds.
2. Learn about an animal or insect that camouflages or mimics to protect themselves.
3. Learn how to recognize and avoid poisonous plants.
4. Learn simple first aid incase of injuries. Examples include: small cuts, scrap on skin, and creating a sling for an arm.

Star Gazing [stars]:
1. Locate a constellation or learn about moon phases.
2. Visit a planetarium or observatory.
3. Use a telescope or binoculars to gaze in the sky.
4. Name the planets in the solar system.

Outdoor Cooking [grill, tent]:
.1. Plan, prepare, and cook an outdoor meal.
2. Learn games that can be played while the meal is cooking.
3. Learn fire and cooking safety.
4. Learn first aid treatment for burns and cuts. For extra, learn how to make a simple first aid kit.

Nature and Animals [squirrel, tree/shovel]:
1. Learn the parts of a tree or how to identify different leaves or trees.
2. Learn about animal tracks or how to use a magnifying glass.
3. Make up or play a game that uses animals, plants, or outdoor items.
4. Plant a flower or tree or have a scavenger hunt on a trail.

Camping [tent, shovel]:
1.. Create a kaper chart and use it to rotate jobs at camp.
2. Learn how to tie up your sleeping bag or learn how to pitch a tent.
3. Learn how to pitch a tent.
4. Help set up a campsite or pack up after your camping adventure.

Water [ball, canoe]:
1. Read a story or learn a song about water.
2. Paint, draw, or take a picture of something water related.
3. Learn how to canoe.
4. Play a game that involves water.

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