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Be A Warrior (Wrinkle in time)

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Patch: (2.75 inch, 100% embroidered)
Patch Program Requirements
Click here for the free kit to complete this patch.

1. Watch a movie with this theme.

2. Read a book with this theme.

3. Create a tesseract or craft that represents the story.

4. It’s okay to fear the answers but you can’t avoid them, said the happy medium. Create or read a cootie catcher to see what your fortune says.

5. Learn more about one of the characters. Such as special features,
talents, or unique personalities.

6. Life without love is like a tree without blossom or fruit. Quote spoke by Mrs. Who recited from Gibran. Write own some of your favorite sayings or quotes OR try to decipher the meaning of one.

7. Create a booklet or have an open discussion of the book or movie
characters, content or meanings.

8. Meg and Charles Wallace parents worked in the science field. Create a science experiment or participate in a science related activity.

 Can’t we at least leave them with something to help them? Yes we can! Choose a community service project to complete to help others.

10. Create or enjoy a snack or treat that represents the movie or book. Examples: Hot Cocoa, galaxy donuts, colorful cookies, or sandwiches.

Patch Design:
The three children have just landed on the planet Uriel on a mission to find Meg and Charles Wallace’s father. Located on the patch, (from left to right Calvin, Charles Wallace, and Meg).

As you can see from the edges around the patch the talking flowers have appeared in great color. As explained by Mrs. Whatsit, Which and Who, they have to go on a mission and “tesser” through the universe looking for him. (the colorful glorious representation of swirls and strips)

Until they find out that he is on Camazotz, the dark side of the universe. The darker circles and background on the patch represents the IT, danger and darkness to come. As seen on the clock, they have entered a universe of light and darkness. Mrs. Which tells Meg to BE A
WARRIOR and use her strength and confidence to save her family. They cannot help them any longer. “We only have the ability to tesser where we find light.”

How does it end?

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