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Wizarding World of Jokes and Games[laser cut]

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Practice your puzzle and game skills. Learn more about the joke and invention items in the wizarding world. Create your own invention.

Choose one requirement to earn the patch.
1. Use the creative part of your mind and draw out a couple of your inventions to assist in the wizarding world. You can add colorful patterns or designs to your invention. Give it a name.
2. List some of your favorite items, lucky number, and use them to create an invention from one our favorite things.
3. Complete a puzzle OR a game where you need to unscramble words, find words, or crossword puzzles.
4. Decode a puzzle using ciphers, mystery codes, secret symbols, and unique codes or numbers to crack the code OR play a mystery or escape game.
4. Play a game that is one of your favorites with your friends and family.
5. The Daily wizard paper has a weekly symbol game. Create a joke or wizard symbol to go in the paper.
6. Play the wizarding world game created by Patchwork Designs. Who won?(Available in the kit)
7. Create an invention that is joke toy, candy, or item. Examples: Canary candy makes you tweet, tea cups that leak, etc.
8. Play a game from the wizarding world or played in England. Examples: Chess, sixpenny madell, Play the House Points game. (capture squares of territory on paper) (dot to dot game), Joke Shop crossword, or wizard game included in kit.

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