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Wizarding World of Music KIT

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Music can make you happy, and want to dance and sing. Learn about different types of music,
instruments, song writing, frog choir, spells, potions, and other ways to make music magical.

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Wizarding World of Music patch (laser cut)

  • Wizarding World of Music booklet

  • Magical Musician full color ID Card

  • Hocus Croakus Foam craft kit with hanging cord (frog choir) (7 1/2" x 8 3/4")

  • 1 vinyl waterproof Music themed sticker

  • Disco Diva Dance patch

  • Musical spells and drawings of motions

  • Musical themed potions (2 pages)

  • Sounds Delicious recipes and simple designs representing music

  • Play It By Ear (Check off the types of music you like)

  •  It Strikes a Chord (Check off musical instruments you have tried or want to try)

  • Change Your Tune (create your own song or change the song lyrics)

  • Learn about different music notes and write them on a scale

  • Create a poster of your favorite singer

  • Pull Out All the Stops and create a promotion poster for frog choir

  • That's Music To My Ears! (Choose a song and rate it, write how it makes you feel, the instruments you hear, and more)

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