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Wizarding Adventures Patch with 5 Metal Charms AND Bracelet kitk>

List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $7.99
You save: $2.01 (21%)

You have been accepted into the Wizarding School with 5 charms to earn.

  • Laser cut patch with gold metallic threads

  • 5 metal charms that hang on the bottom of the patch

  • Wizard Bracelet kit (5 metal charms, beads and string)

  • Train and Bus ticket

  • Acceptance letter to Wizard School with equipment list printed on the back

  • Earn the hat charm by choosing a classroom according to your personality or favorite color (red, blue, yellow, or green)

  • Monster book charm- Learn about one Magical creature.

  • Potion Bottle Charm- Complete one potion

  • Frog Charm- Create or try a sweet magical themed treat

  • Golden charm- Create a magical activity of your choice.

Please do not try to create the potions with the real plants. Many of the plants are not edible.

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