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Wizarding World of Places [LASER CUT]

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Learn more about different places, and much more!
LASER CUT/IRON ON. Complete one requirement to earn the patch.

1. Watch a wizard movie or show that has a place that is magical, fantastic, or unique.

2. Create your own hut, color a hut, find out more about magical huts, learn how to construct a hut OR design the inside of a hut and what items you would put in there.

3. Learn more about what is in castles, where they are located, what they are made of, and types of castles OR color or construct a castle.

4. Try or make your own magical themed food or drink, create your own menu, decorate your own cup, visit a pub/tavern, OR research clothing of what is worn in an old-fashioned tavern.

5. Make your own shop with handmade items, research different types of wands, create unique candy, jokes, make a budget for shopping, create your own window display, OR go to a unique shop.

6. Locations around the world are sometimes considered magical or give good luck to those that visit and perform certain tasks. Some are magical due to historical reasons and some are from myths. Learn about OR visit a magical place or attend a magical themed event. Examples include: Castles, The Enchanted Forest, Germany; Sorcerer's Castle in Switzerland; Cinderella's® castle; and Blarney Stone, Ireland.

7. Research some spells, interesting places, activities, or fun wizard items in a book or the internet, go to a new or used bookstore to look for unique books, make your own scrapbook, decorate your own journal, OR purchase a new book.

8. Potions are well-known in the magic community - they usually are to try to get you what you want. Research some famous potions and/or scientists, create your own potion (edible or non-edible), research Greek mythology (ex. Cupid) and potions, decorate a goblet or cauldron, host or go to a party with drink concoctions, OR watch a movie or show that makes potions (ex. cooking show, wizard movie, Halloween or Valentine's movie).

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