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Wizard Booklet for Quests

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This booklet will assist you in creating learning more about quests in the Wizarding world and assist you in earning your wizard patch.

  • Learn about the unique transportation in the wizarding world. (purple bus, flying car,
    floo powder, and more.

  • Quest#1-I spy puzzle of wizard items. How many can you find?

  • Magical drinks, cookies, and snitch pop recipes.

  • Quest #2- Make it through the maze for a golden cup.

  • Broom treat bags and on a mission trail mix.

  • Quest#3- Draw your items or findings on the secret map with magical footsteps.

  • Butterbeer fuel squares and smoothies.

  • Play Tabletop Quidditch

  • Quest#4-Decorate and design your own wizard dorm room

  • Quest #5-- Design your own quest--choose transportation, etc.

  • Quest#6--Scavenger Hunt

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