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Wizarding World of Sweets [laser cut]

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Learn more about Sweets. Create your own sweets, do taste tests, or visit a sweet shoppe.


Choose 1 requirement from the Sweet portion of the patch program.

1. Candy: Create your own candy or decorate a sweet treat with candy or sprinkles. Examples include: castle cakes, artistic cupcakes, decorated cookies, magic wands, peanut brittle, taffy, jelly beans, or fudge.

2. Chocolate: Create or eat something with chocolate in it. Examples: brownies, cake, chocolate chip cookies, frosting, hot cocoa, mold chocolate frogs, or melted chocolate for dipping.

3. Liquid: Create your own sweet treat in liquid form OR enjoy a sweet drink. Examples include: milkshakes, magical juices, frosty mug drinks, floats, smoothie or soda.

4. Discover: What is your favorite treat? Create or enjoy a sweet treat of your choice. Examples: cakes, pudding, cookies, cupcakes, pies.

5. Shop: Visit a sweet treat or candy shop. Some have special designs and flavors to try. What was your favorite treat?

6. Design: Create your own wrapper, label, or treat using your imagination. Example: Instead of chocolate chips add butterscotch chips to the cookies or add caramel to your brownie batter.

7. Play: Play a candy or sweet treat game OR watch a movie that has candy in it OR have a bake sale with magical treats.

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