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Wizarding World of Treasures [metallic threads/laser cut]

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A wizard can not do without their valuable treasures. Their
treasures include their accomplishments, hobbies, or jeweled items.

1. Create your own treasure, color a picture of wizard
treasures, find out more about magical treasures, learn how to construct
a piece of jewelry OR design one on a piece of paper. Where would
you wear it or does it have a special power?

2. A spell, potion or creature book is one of a wizard’s
most valuable treasure. Make your own wizard book, decorate a blank journal
OR create a creature book OR make a quill to use in your book.

3. Participate in a game or tournament with other wizards.
Examples: take a scavenger hunt through a maze, collect dragon eggs [plastic
eggs hidden], broomstick battle [pushing a small ball from one end to
the goal for a point] OR create your own scavenger hunt map to
find the treasure at the end of the map.

4. Create your own wizard map of a castle or house. Mark
on the map hidden passages, your treasure collection, and specific wizard
rooms OR create a map for a scavenger hunt.

5. Wear a cloak, decorate one on paper, or create one of
your own using a piece of material to wrap around your neck. You can decorate
it with glitter or glow in the dark paint. For extra, mark your cloak
with special abilities.

6. Decorate or create a letter of acceptance or golden ticket
to get into wizard school, ride a magic train, or go to an event.

7. Find out more about wizard treasures. Pick one item to
learn more about. What are they used for and do they have special abilities?
Examples: swords, jewelry, brooms, cloaks, clothing, potions, and much

8. What would a wizard be without a wand? Create your own
wand or use a crafted wand in a spell or potion.

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