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World Soccer Tournament 2018

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World Soccer Tournament 2018 Patch Program
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1. Kick off your day learning more about the World Soccer Games. The name football was developed in England, because you kick a ball with your foot. Some countries pronounce it futbal. Watch a game, participate in one, or watch a game during the tournament.

2. Russia is hosting the world soccer games this year. Learn more about Russia, like the flag, festival, clothing, tale, craft or food.

3. How often is the World soccer games held? Name another country that hosted the games and what year. information in kit

4. Play a match game or an activity that helps you learn some of the countries that participate in the world cup game. game cards in kit

5. Each team or country has a different colors on their uniform that they wear when they are competing. Choose one country and find out their COLORS. information in kit Click here for Uniforms by Country

6. Listen to a song or watch an advertisement from a sponsor. What is the slogan or what are they selling?

7. Create a craft that represents the games. Examples include: decorate a t-shirt, create a paper flag, OR make a craft from the country that is hosting the games.

8. Create your own soccer game event with your group or attend an event with a soccer theme.

9. Create or enjoy foods are served in the summer. Have a picnic, pool party or summer fun while celebrating the world soccer tournament.

10. Collect games or soccer balls for the less fortunate and donate them. Games can be card games, strategic games, or board games.

11. Learn more about a player in the world games. Where are they from and are they are star player?

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