Patchwork Designs, Inc


Patchwork Designs, Inc.
has had ALL of its Embroidered Emblem Manufacturing Materials tested by an approved independent testing Laboratory including All Thread, Fabrics, backings, and has passed all of the tests for the below harmful chemicals.

2009 Consumer Products Safety Act re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents.


Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

Support Our Troops
Community Service Patch

Item: SUPPORT $1.75 [100% embroidered][2.75 wide] Item: CARD-SOLD $1.35

1 1/2 inch roundl

Click here for a list of items to collect.

Item #SUPPORT [100% embroidered]: $1.75
Item # YELLOW-RIBBON : $1.00
Item# SHOE-SOLDIER: $1.35
Item# CARD-SOLD: $1.35

[year bars with stars fit under the shoebox and card patch]


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Yellow Ribbon
Creating Blankets For Those In Need

Support our troops through letters, cards, care packages, and monetary donations.  Let them know someone out there cares about their devotion towards our country.

View some of these links to see how you can help.
( make blankets for the soliders, kits available)
(make stockings for the soliders, pattern available)

Write to Troops

The organization, Moms of Military, in Orange County, California will mail letters from individuals to service members from Orange County serving in Iraq and other overseas locations. The service members will distribute letters to their buddies who may not be receiving mail from home. You may write your letter to a service member of a specific branch and place that in an envelope marked for that branch. Place that envelope in a larger envelope and mail to:

Moms of Military
18637 Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda, CA 92887