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Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

Juliette Low
Historically Speaking Patch Program

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Celebrate the Juliette Low's Birthday or scouting with custom made bracelet kit. Pumpkin, representing her Oct 31st birthday, cupcake, breast cancer awareness ribbon, Savannah Birthplace and a purple daisy, representing her nickname. Item# Juliette- Brace: $2.50

Kit includes all these items in a plastic bag to put together. Item# Juliette- CARN-Brace: $2.50 {limited edition!}Over 100 bracelets $2.00
Kit includes all these items in a plastic bag to put together. Item# COOKIE-Brace: $2.50

Over 100 bracelets only $2.00 each!

Celebrate the Juliette Low’s Birthday or scouting with custom made bracelet kit with our CARNIVAL themed birthday charms including things that Juliette loved. Featured are 5 metal charms of a carousel horse, a ticket with her birth year, a piece of cake, a daisy for her nickname, and a mask for her famous masquerade balls on her birthday. LIMITED EDITION!! Over 100 bracelets only $2.00 each!

Kit #JULKit : $5.99
Can be used to earn any and all of the patches [Over 89 pages long and includes: games, recipes, crafts, activity sheets, letterboxing booklet, and Daisy Bingo cards--NEW REVISIONS ADDED [Including swap ideas, letterboxing journal, recipes from scouts, and a short story of Juliette Low.]

Click here for the patch program!

New requirements added.



Collect them all.
If you have already earned one of our Juliette Low patches then you only need to complete ONE requirement to earn another patch in the series. Requirements can be repeated over and over, annually or monthly to earn the different patches.

Have a Juliette Low Celebration playing Victorian games and crafts. Her Birthday is October 31, earn this patch by celebrating her birthday with a Masquerade Ball, Birthday Celebration, Picnic, and much more.

March 12th marks the date of the first scout meeting for girls.

Rubber Stamps

Great for Letterboxing or Special Events

1 1 1

Polly her pet bird [one inch]

Item# Parrot-stamp $7.50

Tybee Island located in Savannah, Georgia [one inch]

Item# Tybee Island-rubber stamp $7.50

Juliette Low with a palette and brush, ready to paint.[one inch]

Item# Juliette Low-artistic- stamp $7.50

1 1 1

"Daisy Sculptor"- Rubber Stamp of the sculpture she made of her niece "Daisy" [one inch]

Item#: Daisy-sculp-Stamp $7.50

Profile of Juliette Low in her uniform [one inch]

Item#: Juliette-Profile-Stamp $7.50

Stamp of the Birthplace in Savannah Georgia.[one inch]

Item# Birthplace-stamp: $7.50

"Juliette Low at the Masquerade Ball"- Rubber Stamp [one inch]

Item# JUL-MASQ-STAMP: $7.50

Juliette Low "Daisy" with a 100 year in the middle

Item# DAISY100-STAMP: $7.50

NEW!! Juliette Low riding a carousal at a carnival. Matches our limited edition patches.

Item# JUL-CARA-STAMP: $7.50

These stamps are great for letterboxing, event planning, scrapbooks, passports, bookmarks, or any Juliette Low activity.

Click here for the patch program!

1 1
Want to take a look inside the Juliette Low Kit?

- Table of Contents
- Excerpts
- Example of a Completed Kit
- Bibliography

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