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#10-Juliette Low Series-#10 [Spring theme][3 inch patch]
Age 16, strolling through Savannah in the Spring along the cobblestone road.
#11-Juliette Low Series-#11 [art theme][3 inch patch]
Series 11-Art "Juliette Low enjoyed creating art through paintings and pottery." Juilette Low, age 17 near a waterway in Savannah, GA creating a portrait of nature. She is wearing a lavender day dress.
#13-Juliette Low Series#13- [Victorian Holiday][3 inch patch]
Revised requirements to introduce celebrating the holidays with homemade crafts and Victorian celebrations.
#14-Juliette Low Series#14- [Valentine's Day][3 inch patch]
Juilette Low, age 12, celebrating Valentine's Day with a tea party in her birthplace. This patch is great any time of the year to celebration friendship and giving to others.
#23-Juliette Low Series#23- (Daisy Sculpture)[3 inch patch]
WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Juliette Low sculpting the famous Daisy statue inside her home.
#26 Juliette Low Series[First Snow][3 inch patch]
When Juliette Low visited her Grandparents in Chicago for the first time there was shortage of sugar due to the war. She had never seen snow before so when she saw the white dust falling from the sky she ran to her mom and said, "We should gather all the sugar for the south it falls from the sky here". She ran outside only to her surprise to be knee deep in snow. Her grandfather helped her build a snowman.
**Camping Patch with Charms
Camping Skills with Charms Patch Program This patch can be earned younger and older participants according to the requirements below. Complete only requirement per charm. There are no requirements for the patch. Participants should complete the skills they are able to complete according to their skill or age. Some skills will prepare you for camping while others you will complete while you are camping. Knowledge is the key to learning a new skill.
**CORONA-Being Productive while quarantined (BAR)
Purchase this patch if you are quarantined during the Coronavirus outbreak but being productive. Below are some ideas of how you can be productive. Complete at least one activity.
  • If you are under quarantine and have to stay home, keep yourself busy with activity packets, crafts, movies, and puzzle sheets. (You can find several fun activities available on Patchwork Designs, Inc. web store)
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    **CORONA-Keep Calm Fight the Coronavirus
    Choose two requirements to earn your patch.
  • 1. Talk about the virus and how we should be calm but still fight off the chance of getting the virus. Open communication is key.
  • 2. Practice washing your hands correctly. Wash your hands for 20 seconds (say the ABC’s once or sing “Happy Birthday”). Make sure you are using soap and warm water, avoid touching your face, stay home and out of large groups, cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing, and most importantly, stay home if you feel ill.
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    A Night in Fairytale Land
    Earn this patch by a fairytale themed amusement park, have your own fairytale party, learn about characters in the fairytale books, or have a fairytale dance. 90% embroidered.
    Adopt a Troop
    ADOPT A TROOP PATCH PROGRAM Adopt a troop within your neighborhood or through another state. You can contact your service unit manager and ask if there are any new leaders that might want to complete an activity together or go on a field trip together. Younger scouts can adopt kindergarten level. While 4-6th grades can adopt 1-3rd graders etc.
    Adopt an Animal Bar
    Adopt an animal from a shelter, WWF, or assist someone with pet sitting. Examples or ways to adopt an animal
    • Help an endangered animal through WWF Collect a couple dollars from all participants to adopt an animal.(Provide each participant with a copy of the adoption certificate)
    • Donate Supplies to shelters
    • Use your special skills to volunteer, make flyers, or blankets for animals at shelters
    • Volunteer to groom or walk your neighbor or friends animal
    • Volunteer to pet animals at shelters
    • Spread the word about adopting animals
    • Complete or participate in an animal food and supply drive
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland AND Bracelet Kit
    All items listed are included in the price Items Included:
    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland PATCH
    • Activity Sheet
    • Pencil and special eraser
    • Bracelet Kit with 5 metal charms, string, and bead kit (Charm Designs: rabbit, teapot, clock, eat me cookie, and mad hatter hat )
    American Girl Book Signing Patch
    Purchase this patch if you attended a book signing or purchased an autographed book.
    Amusement Park Visit [2 inch]
    Remember the thrilling ride of the roller coaster, laughing through the beautiful carousel, screaming during the boat ride and so much more through this colorful patch. [2 inch patch]
    Attend a musical, read a book, act out in a play. These are all great ways to earn this patch.
    Archery [2 inch]
    Choose this patch if you watched or participated in Archery.
    At the Fair [2 inch]
    Celebrate going to the fair and riding the ferris wheels, eating funnel cake and cotton candy, and spending your tickets by purchasing this cute, festive patch.
    Bake Off Patch- Yellow Square
    Did your group or school have a bake-off ? This is the perfect patch for that event.
    Be A Warrior (Wrinkle in time)
    Patch Program Requirements COMPLETE 1 REQUIREMENT TO EARN THIS PATCH  1. Watch a movie with this theme. 2. Read a book with this theme. 3. Create a tesseract or craft that represents the story. 4. It’s okay to fear the answers but you can’t avoid them, said the happy medium. Create or read a cootie catcher to see what your fortune says. 5. Learn more about one of the characters. Such as special features, talents, or unique personalities. 6. Life without love is like a tree without blossom or fruit. Quote spoke by Mrs. Who recited from Gibran. Write own some of your favorite sayings or quotes OR try to decipher the meaning of one. 7. Create a booklet or have an open discussion of the book or movie characters, content or meanings. 8. Meg and Charles Wallace parents worked in the science field. Create a science experiment or participate in a science related activity.  Can’t we at least leave them with something to help them? Yes we can! Choose a community service project to complete to help others. 10. Create or enjoy a snack or treat that represents the movie or book. Examples: Hot Cocoa, galaxy donuts, colorful cookies, or sandwiches.
    Bear adventure through reading or movies (It takes a bear to catch a thief)
    Earn this patch by reading books or watching a movie with a bear. It takes a bear to catch a thief! COMPLETE 1 REQUIREMENT TO EARN THIS PATCH [click MORE INFO For FREE KIT] 1. Watch a bear themed movie. 2. Attend a bear picnic, tea, or bear themed event. 3. Create a bear themed craft. 4. Read a story about a bear. 5. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of bears. Decorate cupcakes or cookies; Honey bear Grahams, gummy bears, Honey syrup pancakes, bear claw danish, marmalade sandwich or biscuit, or bear shaped cookies. 6. Give to others by donating bears, pajamas, collect food, make valentines, make muffins or bread, donate books to those in need. The ideas are endless. Click on the list of ideas below.
    Beautiful Princess (metallic threads)
    Beautiful Princess Patch Program COMPLETE 1 REQUIREMENT TO EARN THIS PATCH [click MORE INFO For FREE KIT] 1. Attend a dance or special princess themed event. 2. Watch a princess themed movie. 3. Create a princess themed craft. AND MORE....Click here for the free kit to use: Princess FREE KIT
    Believe in Yourself and you will soar! (Dumbo inspired)
    Inspired by an elephant that gets bullied because of his large ears. One day it believes in itself and discovers an inner strength and soars to new heights! 1. Watch a movie, read a book, or play about this inspirational story. 2. Being bullied is not a good experience. You can stand up against bullying as simple as wearing misfit socks with your group, participating in an event or report a bullying problem. 3. A good friendship is someone that makes you feel good about yourself and accepts you for who you are. Complete a fun activity with a friend.
    blue and pink 3 inch wide Bar ***Dated 2020
    this bar fits under any 3 inch patch
    Brave and Archery Kit
    Kit for 1 Includes: Brave patch Life savers candy Wooden bear craft to color Arrow head eraser cap Pencil Activity sheets (Create your own tartan, family tapestry and word search)
    Brave and Archery patch
    Brave and Archery patch 1. Watch A TV show, movie, or televised production that follows the theme of the patch. 2. Tartan is a plaid fabric design that has a pattern of different widths and colors represented by each clan or family in Scotland. Learn more about family tartan color and patterns. Design your own pattern. 3. Read a story inspired by this patch theme. 4. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food that reflects the theme. 5. Learn more about myths, stories, or characters by watching the movie. 6. Watch a dance or song that represents Scotland. 7. Complete a craft or activity that represents the theme of the movie or a Scotland . 8. Highland Games have been played in Scotland for hundreds of years. Learn more about the activities. Did you have a favorite? Do they seem hard and require training? 9. She realizes family is important in the movie. Name an activity that you enjoy with your family.
    Bull adventure (I'm Not a Fighting Bull)
    Earn this patch by reading books or watching a movie with a bull. Patch details: [2.50 wide] I'm not a fighting bull
    Playing Bunco is a great group activity and a way to make new friends. It is a game of dice, luck, and sometimes prizes. Attend an event, play with a group or your family to be rewarded with this patch.
    Cake Decorating-Cupcake and cake on patch [2 inch circle]
    Decorate cupcakes, cakes, breads or cookies to earn this patch. You can use premade tubes of frosting or a piping bag depending on the age level of the participants.
    Camp Home (BAR BUNDLES)
    BAR Requirements:
  • Virtual School - Complete an assignment, talk to your teacher, watch educational videos, or participate in a virtual classroom.
  • Acts of Kindness - Do a random act of kindness for someone either online or for your family or friend. Use our "Kindness Slips" for slips of ideas to put in a jar/box to complete this bar.
  • Virtual Scouting - Meet online for a virtual meeting, explore websites, learn coding, or watch informational videos. Use our Patch Kits to complete this bar.
  • Rock My Room - Redecorate, organize, or spring clean your room. Take something old and turn it into something new!
  • Movie Madness- Watch a new movie or do a movie marathon of your favorites while you're at home. Use our Troop 0, movie passport, or any other movie kits to complete this bar.
  • Fun in the Kitchen - Try a new recipe, watch a cooking show, or organize your kitchen. Use our Cookie Challenge kit to complete this bar.
  • Games - Play a familiar game, make up your own game, explore online games, or play a game with friends virtually! Grab any of our puzzles or games to complete this bar.
  • Try Something New - Complete some things that are new to you! It can be a new craft, a new TV show, a new art technique, etc. Use our "Something New" bingo sheet to complete this bar.
  • FREE WORKSHEETS mailed WITH PURCHASE OF PATCH. Just add the item to your cart!
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    Camp Home patch
    PATCH Requirements: ADD ON BARS AVAILABLE 1. Help your parents tidy around the house while you're at "Camp Home." 2. Teach a sibling, family member, or contact your friend online to teach something new. 3. Gain more responsibility by taking care of a sibling, doing laundry, feeding a pet, or taking the trash out.
    Camp Home Patch with Bar Bundle
    Camp Home Patch and Bars to mark your accomplishments.
    CAMP HOME-- Acts of Kindness
    Acts of Kindness - Do a random act of kindness for someone either online or for your family or friend. Use our "Kindness Slips" for slips of ideas to put in a jar/box to complete this bar.
    CAMP HOME--Fun in the Kitchen
    Fun in the Kitchen - Try a new recipe, watch a cooking show, or organize your kitchen. Use our Cookie Challenge kit to complete this bar.
    We took orders for the overseas camp-in patch to assist leaders in having a patch for the event. Choose-your-own activities to celebrate summer camp at home. You can also download the activity packet to use with your troop and family.
    Camping 2022
    Patch Details: 2.5 inch circle 95% embroidered What a great time to remember the bonding of with your group or troop. This patch helps you offer the remembrance of camping, singing songs, taking hikes and eating banana boats or yummy smores. This patch is ideal for camping in tents, glen shelters or lodges. Help everyone remember the event by purchasing our CAMPING patch !
    Caroline Patch Kit-- EARN Detective badge
    Caroline 1812 , mystery, Compass, Winter Snowflake patches INCLUDED Activities to complete the Detective badge [BADGE NOT INCLUDED] Free activity sheets: Stationery, Word Search, Racing Boat Craft, Secret Message Decoder
    Caroline- Exploring 1812 Patch
    Create a craft, read the Caroline American Girl Books, sing the star spangled banner, create something for veterans or soldiers, or learn more about your country. See our website for links to earn this patch.
    Compass- MINI Caroline patch [1 1/2 inch patch]
    Earn this mini patch by learning about ships, slang, using a map or compass and travel. FREE ACTIVITY SHEETS IN THE CAROLINE KIT TO EARN THIS PATCH. USE THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS AS A GUIDE> COMPLETE 1
    Cookie Exchange [2 inch square]
    Purchase this patch this patch if .... participated in a cookie exchange during the holidays or special events. It is easy to organize a cookie exchange. If you have a group of people then ask each person to bring 10-12 cookies. They will give a cookie to each person and swap one back from them, creating a plate of a variety of different cookies.
    Cookie Rally patch
    What is a cookie rally? A Cookie Rally is an event that kicks off the sale of cookies.
    Culinary Creations Patch
    Yummy pizza, twisted noodles, and delicious chocolate are just a few culinary creations that you can make while earning this patch. Click here for the free kit to use: Culinary Creations FREE KIT
    Cupcake Fun [2 inch]
    Whether you are decorating a cupcake, taking a cupcake shop tour or entering your cupcake in a bake-off this patch is a great reward for your accomplishment.
    Doll and Me Tea
    laser cut patch in the shape of tea cup and doll This is a great patch for a tea, party, celebration with tea or a themed party with your doll.
    Dream Rocket Project Patch
    You can be a part of the Saturn V Rocket Quilt AND the Dream Rocket Express Tour! Be a part of the world's largest collaborative art project displayed on a rocket in May and June 2014. Your art will be displayed around the United States and on the rocket located at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!
    Fairest of Them All (Snow inspired)
    Watch A TV show, movie, or televised production that follows the theme of the patch. Learn more about geology or gems. Have a scavenger hunt of the woods.
    Fall Fun Patch Program [2.5 inch patch]
    Have some fall fun and earn this patch. You only need to complete one fall activity to earn the patch. Some activity suggestions: 1. Participate in a fall festival or create one of your own. Some fun activities include: Pumpkin rolling contest, square dancing, masquerade balls, contest or costume competitions, bake-offs, fall flings, bobbing for apples, etc.
    Father Daughter (Laser Cut Shoes)
    This patch is a great display for any Father Daughter event. From a theater visit, dinner out, dances, to a night on the town. This is the perfect patch for your father daughter event.
    Participate in ONE of the following or come up with an idea of your own: Go on a field trip, visit a zoo, farm, or petting zoo, take a behind the scene tour, visit the police station or other community areas, attend a field trip with a group or friend, OR complete any activity that involves a field trip.
    Games Patch
    Are you playing a game outside or indoors? Paper cooties, puzzles, card games, hopscotch, and board games are just a few of the fun things to complete with this program.

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