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Special Program Kits

40's Kit
A fun-filled kit to help you earn our 40's patch. If you read the Molly American Girl books then you have earned this patch.
All 4 Vintage Scouting Kits SALE
Vintage Artistic, Life, Outdoor, and Cultural Kits for only $16.00
Christmas Around the World Kit
Learn how countries around the world celebrate this holiday, including crafts, similarities, and differences.
Colonial Days Kit
Take a carriage ride into the past and learn more about the language of the fan, hoop and stick game, gardening, tea lessons and mop hats. Read a Felicity book, watch the movie, or complete worksheets to earn the patch.
Culinary Creations Kit
Yummy pizza, twisted noodles, and delicious chocolate are just a few culinary creations that you can make while earning this patch.
Dance Helper Kit
Planning a dance? Order this with photo backdrop ideas, costume ideas, dance contest ideas, certificates to give out, themes for dances, steps for planning a dance, and much more!
Disco Diva Kit
Mirrored Balls, platform shoes, scarves and cool tunes. Learn this and more when you complete the Disco Diva patch program!
Discovering Geology Kit
Dig deep into the earth and uncover secrets! Learn about caverns, gems, layers of rocks, volcanoes, and much more.
Discovering the Rainforest Kit
This kit will assist you in completing the Discovering the Rainforest Patch Program. Included are games, recipes, and information on how to adopt a tree or animal. In addition, there is information to answer all the requirements. Complete your own interactive book with pop up booklets.
Ellis Island/Liberty Island Kit
IF YOU VISITED ELLIS ISLAND OR LIBERTY ISLAND YOU EARNED THIS PATCH ! You can also earn this patch if you have not visited the islands.
Emergency Ready Kit
This kit helps you complete the Emergency Ready Patch Program.
Experimenting with Science Kit
Teach your group or child that science can be fun ! Several experiments are located in this kit and ideas of how you can create experiments using household items and much more. In addition, you use science everyday and dont even know it. Experiment with science using air, bubbles, water, and chemical reactions.
Fabulous Fifties Kit
Dance at the hop, sip on sodas, make your own ice cream sundae, tie your hair in a scarf and have a swell time!
Games Kit
Are you playing a game outside or indoors? Paper cooties, puzzles, card games, hopscotch, and board games are just a few of the fun things to complete with this program. This kit goes with our Games Patch
Girls of the Past Kit
Learn many games, recipes, skills, and more from the pioneers, native americans, african americans and colonial girls.
Groovy Days Kit [Formerly known as Groovy Scouting]
Peace! Decorate your jeans or play Groovy Bingo, make necklaces, lip gloss, and headbands while you learn some groovy new words!
Juliette Low Kit
Use this kit to complete the Juliette Low patch program. If you have already earned one of our Juliette Low patches then you only need to complete ONE requirement to earn another patch in the series. Have a Juliette Low Celebration playing Victorican games and crafts. Her Birthday is October 31, earn this patch by celebrating her birthday with a Masquerade Ball, Birthday Celebration, Picnic, and much more. March 12th marks the date of...
Magical Fairy Adventure Kit
Cascade into an adventure of magic, fairies, sparkly crafts, fairy cupcakes, and fun activities to create and make.
Medieval Merriment Kit
Discover the life of kings, queens, and knights. Research foods, clothing and games of the medieval times. All the information to answer all the requirements are included in this kit.
Mystery# 1 I Solved the Mystery! KIT {paper copy}
Be a detective and solve the mystery in our kit. Board games, clue cards, detective clues and mysterious writings to interpret when you buy our kit.
Mystery# 2 I Solved the Mystery! KIT {paper copy}
This kit includes the mysteries for the Missing Tiara, Stolen Treasure, Broken Maracas, and the Poisoned Sushi. included in the kit are board games, clue sheet, evidence findings, and a detective notebook.
Mystery# 3 I Solved the Mystery! KIT {paper copy}
This kit includes the mysteries for the Haunted House, Cheating Chef, Ruined Runway, and Lost Loot. Included in the kit are board games, clue sheet, evidence findings, and a detective notebook.
Mystery# 4 I Solved the Mystery! KIT {paper copy}
In order to complete the I Solved A Mystery Patch Program, Series 4, you will need to use this kit. The items in this kit can be copied for the participants. Make copies of the detective notebook for all the participants so they can take notes and place their items all in one place. For extra they can place a photo inside or their thumbprint. Make sure everyone has their name on their notebook. Mystery of the Slippery Surfboard is located in Hawaii, island of Oahu. A surfing contest is taking place on the North Shore. Solve the mystery of who tampered with the surfing wax. The mystery of the Tainted Truck is located in Haiti Solve the mystery of who vandalized the local tap tap truck. Mystery of the Missing Mask is located in The Bahamas. Solve the mystery of who stole the mask for the big upcoming festival contest. The Mystery of the Taken Tiki is located in Tahiti. Someone takes a hand carved tiki from the art show. Who did it and why? The Mystery of the Stolen Scarf is located in Jamaica. Someone steals a unique handmade scarf. The Mystery of the Fake Fish is located in Fiji. Someone steals a painting and replaces it with a fake fish painting.
Native Americans Kit
Learn about native americans.
Once Upon A Time Kit
Once Upon time there was a mermaid, princess, dragon etc. Learn about the fantasy land, mermaids, dragons, how to be a fairy princess and much more. You have earned this patch if you have learned about one of these items. Crafts, recipes, games etc. included in the kit.
Patch Program Book
Order this booklet and all the patch programs we offer will be at your fingertips. This booklet has over 110 pages of information to help you plan your year.
Pirate Adventure Kit
"Shiver me timbers!" I see me treasure ahead. Search for treasures, make a secret map, learn about the jobs and parts of a pirate ship, clothing, slang language and crafts to complete. CHOOSE A PATCH TO COMPLETE:
  1. PIRATE ADVENTURE 100% embroidered Rectangle patch
  2. PIRATE ADVENTURE Laser Cut Chest with Metallic Threads
Planet Protection Kit
This 35 page kit has recipes, crafts, and games that help you learn how to protect your planet.
Safari Adventure Kit
This kit helps you complete the Safari Adventure patch program. Explore exotic animals, and games such as Safari Twister, animal matching cards, songs, recipes, chocolate spiders, peanut toss, limbo and many more exciting activities. (click more info to view the patch program)
Scouting Through Time Kit
Over 75+ pages of unique crafts, games, recipes, cultural connections, and ideas from Juliette Low and Victorian age to present (2012)! Includes information and activities: 1900s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Complete the patch program with this wonderful kit. Makes a great meeting activity, vintage workshop, or camp ideas!
Summer Games Bracelet Kit
All items listed are placed in s clear bag to create Items Included:
  • 5 metal charms representing the colors and some sports presented (gymnastics, bicycle, running, volleyball, and swimming)
  • 25 red white and blue beads
  • Elastic String
Swapping Manual
Over 150 pages of swap ideas from ALL of our countries and their flags, ALL of our special patches (such as: Magical Fairy Adventure, Victorian Days, etc.), and pages of traditional camping swaps! We did all the work for you! All the patterns (including flag swaps), clothing information with pictures, form for submitting swap pictures and your own swaps, materials needed, and instructions are included in this book!! A great kit to order with the Thinking Day kit, any country manual, or to use for camping ideas!
Sweet Treat Kit
Choose a sweet treat to create, eat, and enjoy! Yummy marshmallow, chocolate, pies, cakes, and smoothies.
Thinking Day Instructional Book
Instructional book includes information on how to plan your thinking day or cultural day from start to finish. How to create a flag and a passport design. Sign up sheets for jobs and registration, participant guide, event coordinator guide, and much more!! (77 pages)
Victorian Days Kit
Wouldn't it be fun to take a sleigh ride in the winter with your friends? Learn about Victorian clothing, manners, housing, food and more!
Vintage ARTISTIC Scouting Skills Kit
This 62 page book includes artistic crafts and activity sheets for Sculpture and 3D Art, information about famous sculptures and mediums used for 3-D art; Art of Painting, information about famous artists, painting and drawing tools; Art of Music, information about Music genres, instruments, songs, and crafts and much more......
Vintage Life Scouting Skills Kit
This 62 page book has recipes, learning about measurements, first aid, fire safety, table manners, tea party etiquette, hosting a tea party or garden party, chore checklist, crafts for your bedroom, wooden crafts, nutrition, hair styles and accessories, skin care mask recipes, and cultural recipes and activities.
Vintage Outdoor Scouting Kit
This 45 page book is packed full of great information including games, crafts, Camping Skills information about star gazing, kaper chart, campfires, night creatures, using a compass, leaf identification, poisonous plants, animal tracks, and simple first aid. Recipes to cook outdoors or without any cooking. Stories and Songs to tell around a campfire or sing outdoors and activity sheets.
Vintage Scouting Cultural Kit
Use this enriching kit to complete Vintage Scouting Cultural, Thinking Day or any of our country patches featured in the book. This 55 page book includes country information about festivals and holidays, community service info of organizations that help around the world, traditional clothing from other countries, traditional clothing for holidays around the world, cultural games, crafts and recipes. Dance information from other countries and costumes to create, stories and songs from other countries, Native American Crafts and activities.
Water Conservation Kit
Learn more about protecting your planet and the animals and plants through water conservation and earn this beautiful patch. Examples are: water clean-up, adopting injured animals or donations, and water preservation.

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