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Armenia Historically Speaking Patch

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Enjoy flatbread or lavash, learn about Karabakh rugs, folk tales, make a headdress, and write the Armenian alphabet.


1. Armenia is located in Southwestern Asia. View an outline of a Armenia country map and its Capital. Identify Armenia’s flag.

2. The Armenia language is the official language of Armenia. A western version is spoken near Turkey and an eastern version throughout the remaining area. At least 80 percent of the residents can also speak Russian as their second language due to the Russian heritage. The Armenian language uses a special designed alphabet that has thirty eight letters. Learn some words from the Armenian language or try to write some of the alphabet.

3. In Armenia they have unusual looking instruments that they play. During the medieval times some minstrels traveled the country singing and playing their instruments. Their dances are unique from different regions of Armenia such as the tamzara dance. Watch a dance OR listen to music OR sing a song OR learn more information about a dance or instrument from Armenia.

4. Spices from basil to mint are used a lot in the Armenian cooking. Some of the popular dishes include stuffed vegetables, tolmas, vegetable or meat stew, plaki, and pastries called bourek. Cheese is also used in cooking, especially wrapped in flatbread, lavash, typically served at all meals. Try a recipe, food, or drink from Armenia.

5. Erebouni Yerevan is the birthday of the capital city. It is a colorful festival that lasts all day.Learn more about the festivals or holidays in Armenia, go to a festival, participate in one, OR complete a craft that represents a festival. Examples include: Christmas, St. Sarkis Day, New Year’s Day, Easter, Gift of Books Day, Women’s Day, and Yerevan City Day. ? Refer to the Festivals and Holidays section in the back of this manual.

6. There is a large monument called, “We are the Mountains”, it is an image of grandpa and grandma. The image is located on the patch. Choose a landmark, building or sculpture to learn more about. Examples include: Khachkars, Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Mesrop Mashtots sculpture, and Martyr’s Monument.

7. Fables, hekyat, and folk tales are passed down for many years through the generations. The fables usually has magic and talking animals that end with a moral or lesson. Most of the stories have a moral at the end. Read a fable, folk tale, OR listen to a folk tale or fable.

8. In 1993, the Armenia Tree project was created to help restore the land. Tree nurseries were open and the planting of trees with fruit and nuts was implemented. Learn one thing that the Armenians or yourself use trees for OR identify 2 trees that are found in Armenia. What does the leaf or flower look like on the tree?

9. Armenia has a large variety of animal life that reside in the country. Their forest contains many plants and animals to observe. Choose [3] animals, trees, OR plants from Armenia to learn more about. Examples include: Marten, falcon, quail, partridge, fox, and the apricot tree.

10. Armenian artists have carved church doors, created paintings, silver and gold jewelry. The Kazakh and Karabakh rugs created in Armenia usually have large bold designs or geometric symbols. They also create household items, home décor, jewelry boxes, hand painted scarves, furniture, and hats. Create a craft or project using a traditional a skill OR jewelry OR observe someone creating a handicraft OR a traditional craft from Armenia.

11. Traditional clothing in Armenia is very colorful. The men’s clothing is typically a cotton shirt with land wide legged pants, hat on their head, with a arkhaluk, outerwear, over top. Women's traditional clothes is a long dress of with an opening in the neckline and on the side. They wrap a silk around their waist with an embroidered apron. They wear headdresses, with scarves attached to cover part of face. They also wear head bands with capes. Draw a picture of the clothing, dress up in Armenia themed clothing, create an accessory, complete our paperdolls OR view traditional clothing through books or the internet or our country manual.

12. There are a variety of games that played in Armenia by children. They enjoy playing outdoors in the water and picking flowers. Learn a traditional game OR play a game that symbolizes Armenia. Some examples include: Nardi, backgammon, Chatarunga, or chess, bombardment, knucklebones, jacks, hopscotch, and cat’s cradle. Bombardment is like dodgeball.

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