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Spread the Bread -2 {slice of bread with a 2 on it}

Our Price: $1.75

Purchase this patch if this is the 2nd time you completed the Spread the Bread project.

Spread the BREAD-3
Spread the BREAD-4
Spread the BREAD-5
Spread the BREAD-6

Spread the Bread encourages people to bake or buy a favorite bread, wrap it with a note of hope, inspiration or gratitude and offer that bread to honor a hero or help someone in need.
1. Start with your group or buddy to help with the project.

2. Determine who you would like to give the bread to. Suggestions: Contact nursing homes, assisted living, Meals-on-Wheels, shelters, hospitals and food pantries. Also, we can’t forget our heroes: the police, firefighters, veterans, and soldiers. A nice fresh loaf of bread made with them in mind can be a real morale boost. If you are shipping them to the soldiers, banana breads and fruit breads stay fresh the longer.

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