Complete 3 requirements to earn this patch
Patch Item # blueangel 12-13: $2.50
(patch is on blue satin twill with metallic silver thread)
Each symbol represents a community service project.


Note: The patch program is a guideline for the symbols that are presented on the patch. You can substitute other projects that represent these symbols. Each project does not need to be completed in specific order. The months noted are only suggested months to complete the projects. You can also have a community event and complete 3 projects in a day. Invite others to assist at your event. Example: Collect hats and mittens, food, and make shoe boxes for soldiers at your event.

Please note that the blue highlighted words are links to other patches that we over to coincide with the community service projects for additional items to purchase or participation guidelines.

Click on the blue links below to see other patches you can earn.

SEPTEMBER - (pencil) Start your year out by collecting suppiles for children in need. Older participants can assist in heading up the drive or putting backpacks together and dropping them off at designated facilities. Examples of drop locations: United Way, Staples, banks, libraries, chick-fila, and stores.

Don't forget to participate in Pinwheels for Peace in September.

Don't forget to collect glasses for sight night on October 31. Free flyers available on line.

OCTOBER [house] Put together items that can assist the local shelter or Ronald McDonald house. Contact them before you purchase or collect items to see what they need. Examples: bags filled with trial size toiletries, blankets, games, etc. OR volunteer for habitat for humanity to help build houses, donate to help build houses in Haiti or other places around the world.

NOVEMBER- [cans] Collect food for the needy, work in a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, stock and organize food pantries, create a thanksgiving basket and deliver it. Have a masquerade ball in the fall and collect food for the needy at the ball. Assign each group an item to bring and create bags of groceries for those in need. Deliver them. Have a party or send cards to give thanks to others.

You have two choices for December this year. For those that cannot purchase presents they can donate warm coats, mittens, and hats.

DECEMBER- [Present] Purchase presents for angel tree, children, churches, soldiers, or create stockings for children or soldiers. You can also organize a holiday party at a family shelter or elderly home. Sing songs and give out small gifts you collected or created. Call ahead to see how many will be in attendance.

DECEMBER- [mittens and hat] Donate your gently worn coat, new mittens, socks, or hat. You can also organize a drive, create scarves out of fleece, or make hats for cancer patients. Directions on how to create scarves.

JANUARY- [Game pieces] Collect new games for facilities that house children or provide them to families with children. Teach younger children games, play BINGO with the elderly, donate games or puzzle books to assisted living homes.

FEBRUARY-[card] Send Valentine cards to veterans, assisted living, soldiers, patients, or community helpers. You can also deliver the cards or collect a large amount at an event.

MARCH- [egg] Create spring baskets for children that typically do not receive them. Items to include: One basket or bucket, grass, 6 plastic eggs, wrapped candy, small stuffed animal or book, one toy or teen item, [according to age of child]. Wrap the basket in cellophane and place a tag on it with the age and gender of child it is for. Baskets can be donated through foster care areas, churches, food pantries, elderly homes, and children hospitals. You can also have a spring theme party for children or elderly. Create decorations and give them baskets.

APRIL-[leaf] Participate in an Earth Day activity or something that helps the environment. Plant trees, flowers, recycle, clean-up water areas, parks and highways, create earth day grocery bags, participate in earth hour, earn the go green patch, or head an event teaching others how to help the environment.

MAY-[princess crown] Treat someone like a princess or collect princess items for birthday bags or play costumes. Have a tea party for the elderly or children and give them a princess crown so they feel special. Help a younger group earn the princess for a day or princess scout patch. Teach manners and create birthday bags for children in need.

JUNE- [cat] Collect items or volunteers your time at a shelter. Sew together blankets or animal beds. Make homemade dog biscuits and toys. Volunteer at a zoo event. Have an animal themed party and collect donations from the local shelters list. Volunteer to pet sit or walk someone's dog. Items to donate: food dishes, grooming supplies, treats, food, litter, collars, leashes, toys, etc. Click here on how to make easy fleece blankets.

STAR - You are a star for helping others in your community. Choose a project that you enjoy. Examples: Share your gifts with others (such as language, art, science etc.); donate items to an orphanage; paint a mural in a shelter or community center; make decorations for a social event; offer to be a mother's helper or help the elderly.

HEART- Pick a project that gives of your heart. Choose a project that is lasting and loving.

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