Patchwork Designs, Inc


Patchwork Designs, Inc.
has had ALL of its Embroidered Emblem Manufacturing Materials tested by an approved independent testing Laboratory including All Thread, Fabrics, backings, and has passed all of the tests for the below harmful chemicals.

2009 Consumer Products Safety Act re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents.


Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

Patchwork Designs, Inc
8421 Churchside Drive
Gainesville, VA 20155
Phone: (703)743-9948        FAX: (703) 743-9942
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Juliette Low Bracelet Kit $3.75

Juliette Low 2021 Patch: $1.85

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Pinwheels for Peace $1.50

Pinwheels for Peace Kit $1.89

Summer Games Activity Kit DATED 2021

Summer Games PAtch
Thank you Pinwheels $1.50  

Happy Halloween $1.00

Happy Haloween activity Kit $2.99
Trunk or Treat $.99  

Halloween Card making patch $1.00

Halloween Card making Kit $1.99
Fall Fun $1.35  

Boo at the Zoo $1.00

Collect eyeglassed for the less fortunate
Sweet Treats for soldiers $1.35  

Wizarding Art Patch: $1.85 (NEW)

Wizard Art Kit: $5.99
wizarding art booklet  

Wizarding Jokes and Games Patch: $1.85 (NEW)

Wizard Jokes and Games Kit: $5.99
wizarding Jokes and Games booklet  

Wizarding Forestry Patch: $1.85 (NEW)

Wizard Forestry Kit: $5.99
wizarding forestry booklet  

NEW WIZARD EASY SCRAPBOOK KIT $9.99 (free roll of washi with purchase) (red kit)

wizard scrapbook kits :$9.99
green--- yellow--- blue----- red

  Scouting Through Time

Vintage Scouting Skills
( Life)
(Cultural) (Outdoor) (Artistic)

Juliette Low troop meeting $1.89 Limited edition in stock


Cicadas Patch and Card: $1.89

Butterfly patch and Card: $1.89
flower patch and card: $1.89  

Lasercut Camera cover Scrapbook: $5.99 (was $14.99) Only 20 left! (pages have background colors)

Brownie Scout ( FAMILY Story Badge) OR Junior Scout (Digital Photography) BADGES earned.

Pool Party $.99 (2 inch patch)

Patch for every Rededication Year

(2 Inch)$1.15
By taking the challenge you will be joining the Million Tree Challenge and be part of a global network helping California replanting their trees.

Included in Million Tree Challenge Kit
  • (1) Million Tree Challenge patch (laser cut and 3 inches wide)
  • (1) Million Tree Challenge sticker (California)
  • (1) Million Tree Challenge postcard (full color 2 sided printed)
  • (1) Planted tree in California by One Tree Planted volunteers ($1.00 donation)

Million Tree Challenge Kit: $3.00

Discovering Nature ----Free KIt  

Plant a tree all around the world (list of countries)

Already planted a Tree (choose this kit) $2.00
May the forest: 1.35  


Seaside Adventure Kit: $2.99



Camping 2021

Camping Patch with Charms $6.00

Indoor Camping  

Glow Party 2021: $.99

Road trip 2021 (Download free kit)

Smore Fun $.99 (2 inch patch)


Poppy Patch ONLY

Create poppies for the wall of valor receive a colorful card about the project. (KIT AVAILABLE)

soc-media: $1.35 Be Social media savvy


Geology Patch ONLY

Geology Mini book, ID card, patch and Rocks Kit

Rock Climbing



You can participate any time of the year. PATCH: $1.85 Misfit Sock Forest
Magical Fairy $1.75
Wizarding Treasures Kit

Wizarding Scouting kit

Pop Rocket experiment kit
Wizarding Astronomy Kit

Wizard Herbology Kit


Handcrafted Wand: Wand $2.99

Full Color insert of booklet/flip it over and insert your herb, treasure and other keepsake items KIT for Magical Creatures

Spells and potions KIT (patch, book, magic crystals(pop rocks, & stir stick)


Scavenger Hunt: $1.50

Wizarding Christmas Kit

Wizarding World Places


Small Plastic cauldron


Wizarding SPAtacular Kit

Wizarding Sweet KIT


Wizard birthday kit $1.99

New booklets added to our Wizard collection to assist you in earning your patches. Perfect gift for a Wizard's birthday. (self adhesive and laser cut) $1.50
Wizard ornament $2.50


H Shield    R Shield     G Shield      S Shield Wizard Washi Bundle only $18.00 (7 rolls) Gold, silver, and green foiled washi)
Wizard Bracelet $2.50


magical theme kit $9.99 (free roll of washi)

magical theme Washi $11.99 (5 rolls)
Mother Daughter : $1.35


Game Night Games: $1.50

Read across America $1.50


Water Conservation $1.35

free kit to print out

planet protection $1.50

free kit to print out
Book Fairy

donate used or new books

MYSTERY BARS $1.00 each to add to your kit or patch

Reading Adventure $1.50

Hanging with peeps $1.39

Peeps kit for 1--- $2.99

Water Conservation $1.35

May the 4th Kit; $2.99
Power Within $1.50

Unite the World Patch $1.55

Unite the World KIT for 1 $2.99
Unite the World KIT for 10 $29.00

Keep Calm and sell Cookies$1.35

Top Cookie Seller $1.50
Donate cookies

Cookie Challenge kit for 1 Watch the GS Cookie competition on TV OR use those leftover cookies by adding them to ice cream, hot cocoa, popcorn, milkshakes, and pre-made dessert like brownies or cupcakes.

Cookie Challenge patch
1st Place Bar
2nd Place Bar

3rd Place Bar
Participant Bar

Cookie Challenge kit for 10

HB-109: $1.00 (2 inch)

Scout Sunday 2021: 1.39
Earth Hour 2021: $1.49

Thinking Day Anniversary Patch

Country Patches to earn during Thinking Day

Purchasea country manual to learn more about their food, games, and culture.

Country manual : $6.50

Click here to order ink pads and rubber stamps

CUSTOM STAMPS--EASY AND DELIVERED IN 7 DAYS AFTER DESIGNED FOR YOU! If you don't see a stamp of a country or state that you need then we can create it for you! Same Price!

State patches available and FREE KITS TO PRINT

International Girls for Thinking Day $.99
Learn more about three different countries
RED SUITCASE      Blue Suitcase
Green Suitcase      

Countries covered in passport and swaps: (17)
purple in kit #1

Hong Kong



Thinking Day Bundle Kit #2 (covers 16 countries with TWO crafts and 2 tasters, TWO PATCHES, and BINGO game from Italy) Activity sheet for each country ONLY $9.99 (Choose your country for Patch-comments)

sample page for virtual kit

12 Days of Jolly KIT**$4.99

12 days of Jolly PATCH $1.50
PBJ help


Tis the Season for Giving KIT**$5.99

Tis the Season for Giving: $4.99
Holiday Cards: $1.35  

Make cards for elderly, soldiers, or children $2.49

Card for sold 1:$1.00
Card for soldiers  


candy-square: $1.50
Pajama Program  

Soul: $1.50

Kit: $2.99
Make boxes of fun items for kids in the hospital. JARED: $1.50



Super Troop and annual Bar
Believe you can Then you will KIT for 10. Learn more about China. Fun activity sheets, red metallic pencils, fortune cookie erasers, floral fans, stickers, and patches. (Leader guide for games and recipes) $19.99 (mulan inspired

Worldwide Camp-in $1.75 ONLY A FEW LEFT!

Rise Up! (Hamilton Inspired patch) $1.75
Laser Cut patch with patch program
Patch with a memorable Ticket $2.75  

Also Sold Separately
Patch is $1.75 each

Order Bars as a bundle or separate for your Camp Home patch and receive a free activity packet. Bars are $1.00 each
Write about your camp home and earn the Scribe Badge! (includes $11 worth of patches and activities) Girl Scouts can earn the Scribe badge. Other participants can complete for fun!
Click on each bar to view them separately and place them in your cart. $1.00 each
Have a fun mysterious day or watch a movie inspired mystery.

Ariel Patch: $1.50

Great Summer time patch.

Keep Swimming: $1.50

Peter Rabbit $1.50 Scoob inspired patch: $1.50

Onward Patch $1.55

Magic in the Air: $1.50 Follow your Dreams $1.50
Help Australia and give back to those in need. Donations will also help the animals and the habitat in Australia. (Included: Patch, sticker, koala postcard, activity sheets about Australia and donation to organization) $3.00 Reach out and assist Australia. If you have already donated you can purchase the patch separately. $1.50


Cadette Scout Book Artist BADGE earned.

Scrapbook badge kits available for every level
Brownies earn Family Story; Junior Digital Photography: Cadette earns Book Artist; Senior earns Collage Artist and Ambassador earns Photo.

Pet's life: $1.50
Cake Decorating Cupcake Fun (2inch) patch $.99

Discovering Chocolate $1.50
Patch #SPREAD-BREAD : $1.75
Spread The Bread and create muffins and bread for soldiers, community workers, & needy.
PBJ help
Patch #TRAVEL-APRON: $1.75
Bake together, sign the apron
and pass it on to the next group.

Ronald McDonald Patch: $1.50 Rockers that fit around patch: $1.00
SIMBA: $1.50
Discovering Astronomy Purchase this patch if you have explored space in school, went to a planetarium or space museum. Over 30 states to choose from (learn about a state!
Princess Scout patch and FREE KIT to print
(silver metallic threads)
Princess Scout patch and free kit to print $2.00 (gold metallic threads)
Alice and Bracelet kit $3.75

Enchant Garden     Forest     unique me    Fairy

Butterfly         Flower Garden

FRIEND_ME$1.50 Birthday Scouts    chocolate   Culinary    
Sweet Treats   Other patches (MINI)
Pirate Adventure (laser chest)
Pirate adventure (rectangle patch)

Super Troop Bar $1.00 (3 inch)

Rocker $1.00

Princess scout Bar $1.00

parade, soldiers, 3 inch bar $1.00

Wizard Astronomy Book
Wizard Spatacular Book
Magical Creature Book
Spells and Potions Book

Wizard Herbology Book
Wizard Sweet Treats Book

Wonderful World of Wizard Patches and Kits Wonderful World of Wizard Kits and Books

Fantastic Creatures

Magical Adventure

Magical Creatures Suitcase

Wizard World of Creatures

Wizard World of Herbology

Wizard World of Places

Wizard World of Quests

Wizard World of Christmas

click below for each patch

Wizarding World of Astronomy

Wizard World of Scouting

Wizard World of SPAtacular

Wizard World of Spells & Potions

Wizard World of Sweets

Wizard World of Treasures

Owl patch      
Phoenix patch

Niffler Patch

Wizard Bracelet

H Shield    R Shield      G Shield     
 S Shield

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Phone: (703)743-9948