Patchwork Designs, Inc


Patchwork Designs, Inc.
has had ALL of its Embroidered Emblem Manufacturing Materials tested by an approved independent testing Laboratory including All Thread, Fabrics, backings, and has passed all of the tests for the below harmful chemicals.

2009 Consumer Products Safety Act re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents.


Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

All of our patches are emboridered.
Patchwork Designs, Inc
8421 Churchside Drive
Gainesville, VA 20155
Phone: (703)743-9948        FAX: (703) 743-9942
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$5 for each kit (includes $5 worth of patches) Activity sheets are FREE

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Click on the above image for DANCE or Special Event THEMED PATCHES
  Learn more about three different countries
RED SUITCASE      Blue Suitcase
Green Suitcase       Brown Suitcase

Whole New World (Aladdin inspired patch) $1.50

Click here for link of bracelet.      Combo kit

Click on the above image for Thinking day patches and bundles
Item:Leader-19 $1.35
LD-WIN_19 $1.35   MD-19 $1.35
Birthday Bag: $1.35
Happy Birthday Scouts! $1.00
(2 inch patch)
Happy Birthday Scouts! $1.00
(2 inch patch)
Top Cookie Seller
Cookie Booth Sales $1.35 Cookie donate $1.35 (2.5 inch) Keep Calm $1.35
Year bar Year bar  
Scout-sun-19: $1.35 soc-media: $1.35
Be Social media savvy when you are selling cookies or posting photos. Be safe.

Scouting Through Time

Vintage Scouting Skills ( Life) (Cultural) (Outdoor) (Artistic)

Read Across America ( read a book and invite others to read too)

Super Troop Patch (metallic threads and Satin Twill) $1.55
Valentines for Veterans 2019 $1.35
BAR $1.00  
Earth hour 2019 $1.25
  1. Activity sheet
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Spring stickers
  5. Spring themed bracelet
  6. Hanging with my peeps 2019 patch

Designs on stickers, pencils, and cards will vary.

Peeps-patch: $1.35 Peeps-kit: $2.99  

View our NEW category of movie inspired patches.
Magical Nanny patch (Poppins inspired) Believe-yourself: $1.50 (dumbo inspired)
Item: Holly-19 $1.39

Glow Party 2019


Masquerade ball (2019): $1.50
Item: Bowl-19 $1.35
Bingo-19: $1.35   Camping 2019 $1.35
Item: Me and My Guy $1.35
candyland 2.75 inch Candyland 3 inch
Thinking Day 2019 patch, swapping patch, passport, lanyard with clear pocket. Item#THINK-SWAP-BUNDLE $4.50
Thinking Day Book– Ideas for how to organize a Thinking Day event $5.99 Over 180 pages of ideas and templates of swapping ideas #SWAP-MANUAL : $7.00

Lanyard witn no pocket $2.25

Lanyard WITH clear pocket $2.75

Thinking Day Patch 2019
2019 Swapping patch (real beads!!)

Purchasea country manual to learn more about their food, games, and culture.

Country manual : $6.50

Click here to order ink pads and rubber stamps

CUSTOM STAMPS--EASY AND DELIVERED IN 7 DAYS AFTER DESIGNED FOR YOU! If you don't see a stamp of a country or state that you need then we can create it for you! Same Price!

Blue Angel Community Service patch (metallic threads and satin twill) Item# commserv-18-19 $2.50

International Girls for Thinking Day $.99
Whole New World (Aladdin inspired) $1.50
Metallic Threads (2.75 inch)

Click here for link of bracelet.

Matching Bracelet kit for Whole New World patch program (5 metal charms, 25 beads and string to put it all together) Limited Edition! $2.50 Combo kit for Whole New World patch program Limited Edition! $3.75
Annual bar $1.00
Metallic Threads (3 inch wide)
Princess Scout patch (while supplies last!)

NEW! 2019 Princess Scout patch (metallic threads) $2.00

Annual bar $1.00 Annual bar $1.00


NEW! Space and STEM activity kit over $12 worth of product for only $5.00

Girl Scouts can earn the Space Science Investigator badge. Other participants can complete for fun!

Click here for 2019 Patches

Item#snow19: $1.35
This patch is a wonderful snowy addition to your collection
Winter Wonderland: $1.35 Snowflake Ball $1.35  

Road trip patch: $1.50

Purchase this patch if you have went on a road trip.

Free Kit

Leader Llama front and back keychain: $1.79 Enjoy a free gift this holiday season! WEBSTORE
Ice Skating: $1.35 Ice-girls: $1.35
Winter Fun: $1.35
Skiing Patch (2 inch) $.99 Escape game: $1.50
Winter Camping: $1.35
Camping, outdoor fun, animals, smores, swapping and fun activities  

Wreck-it: 1.50

Grouchy Grinch inspired patch Incredible: $1.35
Stamp Ministry: $1.15

Collect Stamps off your holiday cards to earn the patch. You can mail the stamps to us or the stamp ministry.
Make cards for for kids $1.35 Pinwheels19: $1.50
Make boxes of fun items for kids in the hospital. JARED: $1.50

Ronald McDonald Patch: $1.50 Rockers that fit around patch: $1.00
Patch #SPREAD-BREAD : $1.75
Spread The Bread and create muffins and bread for soldiers, community workers, & needy.
Pajama Party: $1.50
Item# Book-fairy $1.35    

Fantastic Creatures

Click below for each patch

Magical Adventure

Magical Creatures Suitcase

Wizard World of Creatures

Wizard World of Herbology

Wizard World of Places

Wizard World of Quests

Wizard World of Scouting

Wizard World of SPAtacular

Wizard World of Spells & Potions

Wizard World of Sweets

Wizard World of Treasures

Owl patch      
Phoenix patch

Niffler Patch



Wonderful World of Wizard Kits and Books

Wizard Spatacular Book
Magical Creature Book
Spells and Potions Book

Patch# Annie: $1.50
**Scrapbook patch** Hardcover scrapbook *glue stick *stickers *8 pieces of Paper Instructions on |completing Digital Photo badge) Papers will vary in each kit Item: scrap-kit $6.00
Download and Print fun activity kits to complete! Large variety of patches to choose from. Over $10 value for only $5 (patches ARE included with activity sheets)
Badges are not included Click here for choices


Phone: (703)743-9948